Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rebel Names! It’s a trap?

The Rebel forces in Star Wars: The Force Awakens are up against a lot as it appears Luke Skywalker has withdrawn from the universe and the Empire has gained momentum after Return of the Jedi. Here are a few names of the freedom fighters from the film:

  1. Brance
  2. Major Ematt

  3. Captain Trilla

  4. Rebel Admiral

  5. Gorwyn the Pilot

I have been asked more than once about Admiral Ackbar showing up in a future Star Wars film. I think it is kind of a fun possibility. The Rebel Admiral above could be him or it might just be some dude with good hair. I would like to think Admiral Ackbar might be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens though. Back in August we heard a rumor from a friend’s site that didn’t pan out. But it allowed us to dig into the idea that Admiral Ackbar might be Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is a fun question.

I wrote:

Multiple sources once again have said that a really great Admiral Ackbar head was constructed and it looks identical to the guy in Return of the Jedi. 

In conversations with our friend Jay at Indie Revolver, he has seen a “photo of a built version as well as concept art.” The problem we all have? We don’t know if its just a new puppet of the classic species or the Admiral himself. The species showed up in the prequels and the original trilogy.

There is a character in Star Wars: The Force Awakens going under the name Rebel Admiral during filming which doesn’t appear too notable. But it is an opportunity to bring the old Admiral back if they should want to. That said, if this new guy isn’t Admiral Ackbar, good luck being as cool as he was!

On the original Ackbar appearance filmed in 1982, the crew filmed the same scenes with General Madine doing Ackbar’s parts incase the puppet didn’t work out. It clearly worked out okay and has become the source for a ton of ironic humor about the fishy Admiral to this day.

My only problem with the possibility? If Ackbar is an admiral 35 years later, he’s kind of a huge fish-faced loser for never getting a promotion in all that time.

No word on if Pops Boo is a character name or just some stuff on the side of one of their helmets. But we transcribed that off a helmet from the film a few weeks ago.

Note: Viral at Star Wars 7 News heard the name Gorwyn first.


Jason Ward (editor-in-chief)

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  • James


  • John P.

    It’s Star Wars. Ranks have always been dumb. Didn’t the heroes get promoted to Commander and General basically overnight? If Ackbar is in it and is still an Admiral doing the same thing, maybe he got promoted early on the same way. If he’s still at it he might just like the job.

    He’s a talking fish who wears clothes and flies around in spaceships. It’s probably for the best to not to overthink it too much. If he shows up, small fist pump when he invariably does/says something awesome, and roll with it.

  • JustSaying15

    This movie sounds like a bigger mess with every rumor. Again it’s all rumor (none of that is confirmed sorry…I don’t care who says it what and where they got it but until it’s on screen or confirmed by JJ/Disney it’s just rumors in my book…not dissing them either just saying these are rumors nothing more/nothing less) and perhaps more importantly, there is no context to this (we just here blurbs daily of these rumors with no understanding of how it fits together) therefore I will wait until I see it in the theaters opening day until I pass judgment like I do any movie but right now…it seems to be a big mess. Hopefully it will change once we get closer or more importantly, flows well once it is shown on screen.

  • Artaxerxes

    I think Rebel Admiral is the guy’s real name. All hail Republic Admiral Rebel Admiral. 😛

  • Jonathan Burns

    General is equal to Admiral, both 4 star ranks.

  • Jonathan Burns

    In the Royal Navy and US Navy Flag ranks are Commodore (RN) or Rear Admiral Lower (US), Rear Admiral (RN) or Rear Admiral Upper, Vice Admiral and then Admiral. Or 1, 2, 3 and 4 Stars.
    Admiral is the highest normal rank. There is Admiral of the Fleet (RN) or Fleet Admiral (US) but they are no longer used except in the UK for the Queen’s husband and heir apparent or a retired Admiral. In the UK there is Lord High Admiral but this again is held by the Queen’s husband.

    • BryanT

      You have to watch out for those rear admirals.

  • James England

    No, they’re now Republic Rebels!


  • JC

    So before they were republic, now they’re Rebels again?

  • James England

    “the Empire has gained momentum after Return of the Jedi.”

    Er.. how? Darth Sidious and Vader gone. Death Star gone. Ships, powerbase destroyed. How the heck have the Empire gained momentum?

    • This is what could sink the whole movie.
      It really makes no sense.

    • Zizith

      30 years in the future and the rebels only defeated the main head of the empire. They had control over many systems. Rebels only saved a few systems. So the empire just grew off of the extraneous bases they had.

    • Artaxerxes

      I think the question is more how could they go from being in charge of the whole galaxy (except for the isolated and apparently abandoned planets the Rebels use as bases) to a position of greater power? I mean, where else is there to go? I suspect this is a wording issue and not an actual plot point.

  • DarthLightlyBruise

    Thanks Jason.

    Minor point, but in the U.S. Navy, Admiral is the highest rank one can achieve (4-star) since WWII. So if the Rebellion mimicked those structures, there’s nothing loserish about it.

    OT: is there confirmation of a scene involving a number of hutts? And possibly Leia?

    Thank you again for sharing!


  • BarryManilow

    General Crix Madine had the best hair in the star wars galaxy, then Yoda.

  • “If Ackbar is an admiral 35 years later, he’s kind of a huge fish-faced loser for never getting a promotion in all that time.”

    Wait, what promotion is there higher than Admiral? Last time I checked, that is as good as it gets.

    • bargal20

      Eisenhower went from highest rank in the Army to Commander in Chief of the entire armed forces.

      • So any 4 and 5-star General/Admiral who doesn’t become President is a loser for not doing so? Also, becoming President is not a “promotion” it is a civilian elected office that anyone can obtain without having served in the military at all.

    • General?

      • Um… no. General does not necessarily outrank an Admiral. For starters, those are the equivalent of the same ranks in separate branches. In Star Wars VI, Admiral Ackbar is a Fleet Admiral (

        U.S. Military Ranks (for comparison):

        1-Star = Brigadier General or Real Admiral (Lower); 2-Stars = Major General or Rear Admiral (Upper); 3-Stars = Lieutenant General or Vice Admiral; 4-Stars = General or Admiral; 5-Stars = General of the _______ or Fleet Admiral.

        Important notes: The Air Force, Army, and Marines all follow the same Commissioned Officer titles, however the Marines do not have a 5-Star General – the Marines essentially fall under the command of the Navy, so whomever is the Fleet Admiral in the Navy commands the highest rank General in the Marines. In the U.S. Military, 5-Star Generals & Admirals are not normal ranks – they only existed during World War II to provide further command structure during war time for dealing with various theaters/fronts.

        Keep in mind, all of these ranks are shorthand referred to as “Admiral” or “General” without the full title being used most of the time. In Star Wars the primary fighting force is basically an evolved Navy (or space navy), and ground forces deploy from space ships, so the Army is a comparable equivalent to the Marines. Therefore, it would not be much of a leap to assume that the Rebels’ “Fleet Admiral” is likely the highest ranking military position one can achieve and commands even all the Generals in the Rebel Army.

        • President Ackbar

          That’s great.
          This is not the US Military.

          • DougP

            No, but the implication is that there’s a similar ranking system – laid out above.
            Besides, there’s nothing SW canon that goes against this.
            Or are you under the impression Admiral in SW was a low-rank?

          • It is modeled off of the U.S. Military – which is nearly identical in commissioned officer structure to every nation’s military on the earth actually – and, according to every piece of cannon lore, sorry, I mean “legendary lore,” available is identical to “our world’s” universal General = Admiral in a different branch of the military. If Star Wars is doing things different, they sure have done a good job keeping it a secret in their hundreds of books. But they haven’t kept it a secret. Look it up on Wookiepedia.

  • SuperDean

    What do you get promoted to after Admiral?

    • nametaken

      thats what i was going to say, you retire after that title, you don’t get promoted.

    • OhBeeWand

      Super Admiral

      • President Ackbar

        Or Super Duper Admiral.

    • Pissed-as-Nute-Gunray

      A Star-War pension with sheltered accommodation on Naboo.

    • Artaxerxes

      Grand Admiral? 😀