Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Gigantic Freighter and what happens there!

At first it appeared that after Rey and Finn become friends in the desert town, they go to steal a ship. They see the Falcon, pass on it and then go to take a fancier ship. The ship they pick doesn’t meet their specs and they end up taking the Falcon for a ride to evade Stormtroopers. I wrongly read the code and thought they returned back to the desert base after their joy ride to evade the Empire. A prophecy misread it was. I apologize for that. My exuberance got the best of me but we’re back on track now. After the materials were properly organized it became easier to make sense of it all and here is some of that sense.

Some time after they escape the brig, Poe goes his own way and Finn wanders into the desert town. There’s Stormtroopers there. Finn and Rey take the Falcon to evade them. It is said the Falcon is “swallowed” by the giant freighter once they get to space. A lot happens to Poe and Finn before that but we’ll save that for another day. There’s still a few details that need to be ironed out.

The Gist:

  • Finn and Rey steal the Falcon.
  • The kids end up on a huge freighter in space.
  • Han is there to meet the kids with Chewbacca.
  • Han wants them off his plane ship.
  • Finn convinces Han to let them stay.
  • Something happens with the chessboard.
  • Han checks the video screen.
  • A gang is there!
  • Han explains the cargo (creature(s) without description).
  • Han hides the kids.
  • The kids pull the fuse in the Falcon.
  • It’s a good distraction.
  • The cargo is released.
  • Fin is dragged away by cargo and saved by Rey.
  • Hell breaks loose.
  • Chewbacca is wounded in the fight
  • Rey fights off the gang by herself.
  • Falcon has issues.
  • Rey fixes Falcon impressing Han.
  • Some of the cargo splatters on the Falcon windshield as they race out.

Concept art for the Freighter: 

I have seen the inside of this freighter in concept art. A few different pieces, actually. One shows awkwardly tall versions of Finn and Rey leaving the Falcon and Han and Chewie waiting for them atop a bridge. Another shows the Falcon in a hanger that looks very “industrial” like an oil refinery with pipes and beams all around and it looks grungy. There are a few other pieces of art we thought were underground installations but now I think at least a few of those are this location. The main piece of art I’ve seen for this freighter that fits such a description is very dark blue with huge spotlights on the Falcon. Another shows a huge installation with large shipping crates (like the ones in Long Beach Harbor that have all the Hasbro Star Wars toys we can’t buy right now) hovering on automated droids moving the shipments all over the installation which is insanely large.

Basically the kids and BB-8 go on the crazy flight we saw in the teaser and are caught right away by a gigantic freighter and Han Solo is aboard it. Why is the Falcon down on the sand planet? I don’t know! My guess is Han is meeting with the people on the freighter to broker a deal and he got aboard the freighter via their ship to make the deal.

Back to the story: 

Han appears to take the kids onto the ship and talk to them. Clearly he’s not going to be pleased his ship was taken from the sand planet location by two strangers. He notices something he doesn’t like and orders them off his ship until Finn talks him down. My guess is something about Finn tips off Han he is an imperial but the details are vague. There’s notes about the chessboard and then hearing a noise. Han apparently checks out a video screen and then hides the kids in the cargo storage because he sees some unwanted guests on the video screen. Unless there’s a playful scene where Finn plays one of them on the chessboard, I wonder if the chessboard can project video of what’s outside?

The gang members arrive!

Quick history lesson: 

The gang are dived by two groups codenamed “Mods” and “Rockers” on set. It turns out mods and rockers enter the ship. Now, you might recall a long time ago we heard about rockers and the codename Kira.


Wikipedia explains it best:

The mods and rockers were two conflicting British youth subcultures of the early to mid-1960s. Media coverage of mods and rockers fighting in 1964 sparked a moral panic about British youths, and the two groups became labelled as folk devils.


Back to Star Wars! 

Because the gang members are there,  Han hides the kids. The pirates appear not to be too happy with Han Solo and their dealings. Han tries to negotiate with them and fails. A fight still breaks out between the smugglers and gang members. Rey and Finn pull a fuse out of the Falcon that acts a distraction that helps the situation for the famous smugglers. The cargo is released and pandemonium ensues! Chewbacca is wounded in the fight by the gang and Finn aids him making Han thankful. Rey ends up fighting the entire gang and winning singlehandedly and saving Finn as the cargo attempts to drag him away at one point. The Falcon has problems starting back up and Rey fixes it, impressing Han (I wonder if she just puts the fuse back?).  As they escape, some of the cargo splatters on the Falcon windshield while they take off.

After they escape BB-8 reveals what he’s carrying and they go to meet “Rose” on the “Green Planet” which Puzzlewood shooting stood in for.



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