The Falcon’s Journey Through the Galaxy in Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

To say the Falcon is important to the unfolding of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an understatement. It seems to be apart of the first step as the heroes answer their “call to adventure” and take the first steps to save the galaxy. Here is the Falcon’s journey through the universe in Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

1. Sand Planet (Abu Dhabi)

2. Gigantic Freighter (Pinewood Stage)

3. Rose’s Pub (exteriors at Puzzlewood)

4. Rebel Base (exteriors at Greenham Common)

5. The Evil Castle (snow locations at Pinewood)

6. Rebel Base (exteriors at Greenham Common)

7. Skellig Michael (Big Spoilers Here)

As you can see we open on a sand planet, visit a giant ship, go to the tree planet, back to the Rebel’s base, to a castle attack, back to the base and then to the end of the film. Yeah, there are Star Destroyers and other interesting places, but this is the Falcon’s journey which sums up the planets and environments from the next Star Wars film.



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  • cruizerdave

    Thanks for hiding the big spoilers! I hate when they put spoilers in the headline!

  • Risky Prediction
  • Adam P O’Brien

    This is so cool. We are going to see some amazing locations I think.

  • 4288

    Hell of a spoiler, this is.

  • JustSaying15

    Was it on the call sheet?

  • Garp

    The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

  • acrovader

    Doesn’t the Falcon visit an exotic city? There was also from someone else mentioned some scenes where the heroes travel to a ‘city’ within an asteroid. I imagine the Falcon is used to battle the enemies super-weapon, either which is a planet or another space station.

  • Patrick Cortes

    Can you please, please stop calling it “the sand planet”? It’s Tatooine. There’s no way it’s not Tatooine.

    • I have mixed feelings on this topic. Of course, since we are following the story of a “family” so far, and we will obviously be continuing that story to some degree, it makes sense to have Tatooine return again as a setting. Cosmic coincidence must be presumed in this modern mythology.

      On the other hand, out of billions of planets in the SW galaxy, there could be a large percentage that are habitable. Of those habitable planets, there would probably be plenty of planets with at least some desert environments. The whole planet, like Earth, doesn’t have to be desert. Actually, it might be a fun mystery or trick to have the audience at first assume that the desert setting is on Tatooine, and then later reveal through words or visuals that it is an entirely different planet.

      By the way, I’m not Bruce Jenner the Olympian, though I am going through gender reassignment procedures so I can join an all girl rock band that performs cover versions of Jethro Tull songs.

  • Case

    so it survives

    • Matt McDougall

      I would honestly be more pissed to lose the Falcon than any of the original cast.

    • bargal20

      I’ve got your word for it, not a scratch.

  • DarthMalevonus

    Nice timeline, simple, elegant and speaks volumes.