Tons of Star Wars: Battlefront rumors, how it links to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and more!

Here is a huge Star Wars: Battlefront list of rumors I received last week. This contains a lot of information on the game and how it will interface with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, not to mention the game itself:

  • The story of Star Wars: Battlefront’s campaign will span pretty much the entire Star Wars saga.
  • Star Wars Battlefront will feature segments in which you play as both the good guys (Old Republic, Rebellion and Republic) and bad guys (Separatists and the Empire). It was specifically stated that there will be a small portion of prequel trilogy content. You will participate in a couple of battles from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the space battle above Corsucant from the beginning of Revenge of the Sith.
  • The majority of the campaign will take place during the original trilogy era. All of the battles and settings that you would expect to be there will be playable. It was said that the campaign itself is pretty long when compared to other first person shooters.
  • There will be some segments of the campaign which take place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. There won’t be a lot because in their words “Lucasfilm has a lot of plans for that era.”
  • The last section of the campaign takes place before and during the opening segments of The Force Awakens. Don’t expect anything too revealing, because the game is expected to ship about a month before the movie releases.
  • For both the Republic (that’s what the good guys are being called in the production here) and Empire sections you will be playing characters that actually appear in The Force Awakens.
  • EA/DICE was allowed into Pinewood Studios for a few days to scan and capture props, sets, etc for recreation in the game.
  • At one point either during either the portion between episodes 6 and 7 or the portion from the beginning of The Force Awakens a character with the last name Tarkin appears.
  • The scale of the multiplayer is going to be absolutely massive with up 64 players participating on each side.
  • Space to land battles are absolutely happening, but will only be available in certain game modes.
  • There will be a “hero” system in place, where as you play you accumulate points that you can eventually cash in to play as a “hero” character. These characters are extremely powerful and have abilities that are not available to the normal characters that you play for most of the matches. The system is constantly in flux, but as it is now, pretty much everyone have a chance to play as a hero at least once per match.
  • The Downloadable Content plan for the game is “extremely aggressive”. Expect up to five DLC packs for the game, with the first coming out before the end of 2015. Each pack will be themed, with the first two or three being exclusively based around content from The Force Awakens.
  • The game will ship with several The Force Awakens characters already, but some won’t be added until DLC. Specifically all of the characters in the trailers will be available at launch, as will new versions of the X-wing an TIE fighter.
  • Tons of new ships and vehicles.
  • The contents of each DLC will contain at least three new maps, new hero characters, and new vehicles/ships.
  • I saw a character model for the new Stormtroopers, the model for the new X-wings, and some random models of guns, grenades, and other things like that. However, the most interesting thing was a picture of a screen from one of the employee databases.
  • It was as a checklist that the department heads can go through to see whats been complete, whats been bug tested, etc. It was basically just a black screen with lines and lines of text posts, with comments and suggestions under each post. What was most interesting about this is what was listed. This particular screen I saw was for a listing of maps for the multiplayer mode. There was a lot of stuff that you’d expect to see in a game like this like:
Hoth: EP5
Endor: EP6
Yavin: EP4
  • Like I said, nothing major. EXCEPT for this listing that I saw
Tatooine: EP1
Tatooine; EP4
Tatooine: EP7
  • Now, I know that’s not concrete evidence that the desert planet from The Force Awakens is Tatooine, but I thought it was interesting because I know there was been some debate about that subject.
That is a lot to take in and if the information is accurate, it sounds like a really great experience for Star Wars fans and the links to the new movie sounds pretty good considering how paltry it could be.
Clarification Update: The source contacted me to let me know they simply meant the prequel era Republic when they said “Old Republic.” They did not mean the story from 3000 years before A New Hope. They also said online matches are 64 players, 32 on each side.

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  • Alex

    Can’t wait to see if these rumors are legit at Star Wars Celebration.

  • Bob

    There better be instant action

  • No1SuperGuy

    I hope Dice don’t balls this up. Their track record has gone a bit crap of late and this could be an epic game to put them back on the map.

    • Zepid

      This is DICE LA, which was formerly known as Pandemic (the people who made Battlefront 1 and 3) so your entire comment is founded in ignorance.


        Pandemic is the greatest Game Dev Studio to ever exist. They made both original battlefronts as well as the first two Destroy All Humans! Unfortunately they were acquired by EA and forced to make multiple games without sufficient time. This lead to the studio being shut down and most of the employees being moved to Bioware. Although many quit and a good amount actually now work at 343i, including Brad Welch.

      • lel

        Its DICE Stockholm, the guys who almost destroyed the Battlefield franchise single-handedly. So its fine to be optimistic.

  • Ichibel ! Filhos Da Puta!

    PS3 ? 12 v 12

    • Joe Green

      SWB is a next-gen (PS4, Xbox one, PC) game only.

  • President Mueller

    Does anyone know if there will be single-player instant action?

    • Bleak5170

      That’s all I want to know as well. DICE generally doesn’t do bots so I don’t have much hope. 🙁

  • anonymoose

    I hope they dont make this shit first person shooter and another general/overdone Battlefield type game. If it doesn’t have to same Battlefront feel that would suuuuck. So much potential

  • 64 equates to stable battles

  • Joe A.

    I want to know what happened to the original SWBF3 and SW: First Assault. Is the code for both these projects just sitting on a server somewhere rotting? Someone needs to leak that stuff!!

  • Matthew Hager

    64 players doesn’t equate to massive battles. Planetside 2 and 1200 players on one map equals massive battle. Still, I’m sure Battlefront is going to be plenty fun, roll on October (my release month prediction)

    • Nick Pringle-Oaks

      It has 128 according to this plus its running on frostbite 3 so I’m assuming it will have more happening to the game world all at once compared to Planetside 2. And with some modes working the same way as putting two Battlefront 2 maps on top of each other it’s not surprising its 64 or 128.

      • Sophisticated

        I don’t think it will be 128 on consoles.

        For example. Project Cars will have up to 45 A.I Drivers on PS4 but only 16 players in the onlinemode.

        PC Version will have an online mode with up to 32 players…

        So maybe PC version with 128 consoles 64? Would be a bit brutal 🙁

        • sith1337

          Yes the console version probably wont have more than 16 players in one game which is why consoles suck

          • Sophisticated

            no they dont. This Gen will be great!

  • MuRRe

    Will the DLC contain any campaign elements or will it be purely for MP?

    • Donnie “Murderz” Oliver

      For this game I actually think there will be some story DLC.

  • Subvert2c

    Will their be instant action?

    • Aidan

      What I’m hoping for is Galactic Conquest, that was my favorite thing to do at 6 years old…

  • Peeps there’s an update on the article for any confusion, and more clarification on multiplayer numbers!

  • Tuskin38

    I’m not sure I believe this rumour, DICE already confirmed that Battlefront is only going to be Episodes 4-6 because they felt that focusing their work on a single Era would produce better quality.

    • The rumor states that there will only be a “couple” of missions focusing on the PT, don’t forget there are more than one target audience out there.

      • Tuskin38

        I want CW era stuff as well, I’m just saying they already said it is the OT, even says on their official website that is the Empire vs the Rebellion.

    • TheTingler

      To be fair we haven’t really seen anything of the game yet! E3 this year will probably reveal everything.

      • -El_Greeko-

        Will probably reveal some stuff*

    • Jimmy Rustles

      No, they didn’t. Where are you getting that from? In their trailers they only showed a very few portion of the original trilogy. But that does not mean that it is confirmed that only the original trilogy, or anything else that did not appear in the trailer, will not be in the game . By that logic it is confirmed that there will be no space battles either. Just because they haven’t shown off something yet does not mean that the game does not have it.

      • Tuskin38

        I’m getting it from the Official website where it says “Fight in epic Star Wars battles on iconic planets and rise through the ranks playing as the heroic Rebellion or the evil galactic Empire.” Doesn’t say CIS, doesn’t say Republic.

        • Jimmy Rustles

          And it also doesn’t say space battles. And it also doesn’t say guns or grenades. Doesn’t mean those won’t be in the game either. This is how announcing things works. You don’t give away all of your info at once.

          • Tuskin38

            I can’t find the article, but I swear to whoever that they said they were only focusing on the OT.

          • aerociviz2

            Guns and grenades are a given, I think you’re too matter-of-fact about that lol. Space battles are usually above iconic planets or, say, known asteroid fields. The factions are something different, as they explicitly say that you play as the Rebellion or Empire. All of their footage shown is from that era as well. At MOST i would think that the prequel trilogy is just an afterthought for now until they figure out they have enough time to implement it in.

    • Buddydudeguy

      Even if that was true and they said that( they didn’t), having some The Force Awakens maps doesn’t exclude this. You can have other stuff while “focusing” on something else.

  • wwe70s

    How do we know how legit this is?

  • Sophisticated

    I love how this sounds like a ridiculous amount of content.

  • Ldude893

    Being EA Games, I just knew they would screw this game somehow once it’s release. Maybe it’ll be horrendous bugs like in Battlefield 4 or the DLC maps for things that should’ve been in the base game in the first place; at least SOME way.

    But at the very least, it’s clear that DICE is really trying to make a great Star Wars game. They actually begged EA to let them make Battlefront, and to me, passion like that can make all the difference. Anyways, Battlefront 3 would’ve never seen the light of day if EA wasn’t handed the rights to all future Star Wars games, and I think this is the chance the game deserves.
    And hey, it’s the developers of the very game that inspired Star Wars Battlefront now working on Star Wars Battlefront. For better or worse, it’s going to be pretty interesting.

    • aerociviz2

      EA only has the rights all Star Wars games for like, the next 5 years.

      • Scardro

        it’s a 10 year contract

  • Alex Kiedis Morales

    Now, I wait for the confirmation of if it’s Third Person Shooter or First Person Shooter.

    I hope, I HOPE, the game is in TPS, but with the optional FPS, as the other Battlefronts. I think that, being in third person, is one of the identities for being Star Wars Battlefront.

    • TheTingler

      They’ve pretty much said it’s going to be first-person. All the Battlefields are. Vehicles may be third, but people are first.

      However, third-person may get implemented between now and launch. If there’s enough demand I’m sure DICE and EA would do it and pretend they thought of it first. 😛

      • -El_Greeko-

        DICE confirmed that there would a some kind a TPS in the game. He could take that as an optional TPS of infantry, or the standard, vehicle only TPS.

        • Shawn

          I do remember reading somewhere they confirmed that you could switch between first and third person whenever you want to when playing as an infantry unit

  • Kg45

    Why the hype for “massive” 64 player battles?

    That’s small compared to what older Battlefield games could run. Unless they only mean that 64 is the officially supported amount.

    • Salacious B. Crumb

      “…with up 64 players participating on each side.”

      That’s 128.

  • RoinDanton

    I hope they just make it a “best of” the first two games, with new graphics. I’d hate to see Battlefront become just another MMS. : /

  • Yoda

    I am really hoping for local co-op. Offline and online. Not all of my friends own a playstation/PC.

  • John

    I’m upgrading my PC for this game!

  • Spartan

    Definitely going to upgrade my PC for this game and Star Citizen 😀

  • Spartan

    Definitely going to upgrade my PC for this game and Star Citizen 😀

  • Claymation Young

    Yeah, 64 v 64 seemed a bit too good to be true, but these details still sound amazing. This is essentially what everyone was expecting, with a little more. The campaign is what has me most intrigued, since it seems there is actually a heavy emphasis on narrative, which I wasn’t really expecting. Battlefront 2 had an okay campaign mode, but it just consisted of quick battle montages with a clone trooper voice over. It would be nice to actually get to know a couple of characters and see how these different wars affect them. The episode 7 tie-in is also really interesting. I don’t see how they can tie a narrative thread from the prequels to the…sequels, lol.

    • To good to be true? There are games that do battles that large already though.

      I believe battlefield 4 has 64 vs 64… not to mention the plethora of MMOs that go above and beyond that.

      • Tuskin38

        No, BF4 only has 32v32

        • fairly substantial, this is twice that… I wonder if they can manage, they are dealing with much better software and hardware… huh…

      • Claymation Young

        First of all, Battlefield is not 64 vs 64. The tech doesn’t allow it. We’d have to sacrifice graphical quality to have enough processing power for that many players. Plus Jason already clarified its actually 32 vs 32. And about those mmos you referenced, none of them are anywhere close to Dice games graphically. I think what we’re getting is fair trade.

        • derp

          On PC there are 128 player battles (64 v 64)
          Console is limited to 64 (32 v 32)
          Theyre probably gonna do the same thing, after all, we dont want console weighing PC versions down

  • Gryat

    Dammit stop with the DLCs already. specialy for battlefront.

    • I dont know man, I would think that of any game series Battlefront would be the one with DLC being appropriate.

      The maps are segmented, getting more armies to play would be nice, maybe even cross-generational fighting (rebels vs droid armies, clones vs stormies, storm troopers vs droids)… lots of thigns can be done with Battlefront and DLC.

      Save your complaints about DLC for roleplaying games or something. Not games that are as modular as Battlefront.

      • TheTingler

        If it’s just extra maps, I’m kind of all for that. That’s DLC I might actually buy.

    • Reggie

      Battlefront 2 had a DLC pack on the original Xbox. Several maps and 2 new hero characters Kit Fisto and Asaaj Ventress I think.

    • Ryan

      DLC makes sense considering it’s out before Episode 7.

  • Patrick Cortes

    I really truly enjoy this blog but I do wonder why there is still ANY speculation that the desert planet is anything but Tatooine.

    • Freshie Fresh

      Could be Korriban, but I highly doubt it.

      • It Moraband now 🙂 and no highly doubt it, Moraband’s landscape I’d totally different.

  • JediNovice

    by old republic do you mean the clone war republic or the Bioware’s old republic?

    • Robert Ostrowski

      the Old republic is clone war era. the time frame for Kotor, Kotor II, and SWTOR do not exist when it comes to the movies. kinda like an alternate universe when it comes to the games.

  • Luke

    This DLC stuff is getting really old. Just give me a game that already has everything in it but needs to be unlocked, not purchased!

    • TheTingler

      Sorry Luke, this is the era in which we live in now! And I agree utterly.

  • Sandis Rozuleja Dvorovs

    There will be a Galactic civil war era only!…

    • Not only, it will be the focus though as that’s the direction Lucasfilm is going in right now.

  • Chris Creveling

    Crossing my fingers for some space only maps. It’d be incredible to play as either the Empire or the Rebellion while doing the assault on the first Death Star with 64 players. For DLC, it would be really nice to see some sort of Capital Ship mode where each team gets a few Star Destoyers or Mon Calamari Cruisers, and your team has to coordinate to bring down the enemy; say 4 people to a job, a job can consist of firing the main batteries starboard, firing the main batteries port, flying the ship in general where one person flies, one person gets a radar of some sort, another person controls the ships thrust, etc., a squad that repairs damage to the ship and keeps the shields operating, i.e. deflector shields front max, port max… all this communicated between squads to maximize effect. I know that sounds really ambitious, but if it could be done it would be an amazing thing to play.

    • Will Derenne

      DICE did something like this on BF4 with aircraft carriers, so I don’t think it is that far-out of an idea. Or something like a frigate sized ship per squad, and the team has one cap. ship. Just ideas if your reading.

    • Aaron

      So basically War Thunder: Star Wars Edition? 😉

  • James Ashworth

    Do you know if there’s going to be local play with bots?

  • DarthMalevonus

    Sweet, sweet and super sweet.

  • Knightly Crusade

    I’d assume space-to-land battles would be the conquest maps of the new Battlefront? Unless of course they end up making a larger game mode for that. Also the dlc sounds like a good idea for this so that we aren’t spoiled before the game comes out.

  • TheTingler

    Sounds excellent, especially like the previously not considered part about there being a single-player campaign! There’s been one in most of DICE’s recent Battlefields, so why not! Excellent!

    HOWEVER, can you name your sources at all? Or at least where these rumours come from?

  • I do hope Umbara and Landing at Point Rain are part of the Clone Wars content.

    • You got it! Good shout!

    • Jedichris24

      Sign this guy up EA

    • apav

      In case this source is accurate about there being only a few prequel trilogy content. They need to make DLC dedicated to major Clone Wars battles. IMO the Clone Wars is a much better era for big battles (therefore, Battlefront games). Both the Republic and Confederacy had huge armies that were pitted against each other, so the battles had a much grander scale. It was a war afterall. The Rebellion era was more of guerilla warfare, the Rebels did not have the resources that the Empire held. Not to mention there were no force users on the battlefield besides Luke, whereas in the Clone Wars loads of jedi participated in the battles.

      The original trilogy content might have some creative ideas in game (like if they combine the land and space battle during the Battle of Endor into one map, where the rebels have to deactivate the shield bunker on Endor in order to enter and destroy the Death Star above the planet), but in terms of full on Battlefield style warfare, The Clone Wars does it better. It’s a shame that content is only a small portion of the game.

  • NoviceWanderer

    The gameplay description is reassuring, but the story aspect feels like Disney trying too hard to sell their new characters. Unfortunately this killed some of my anticipation.

    • Not really, it’s all a part of tying the stories together, selling no, introducing yes.

    • oh no… god forbid that theyactually try to integrate the new movies into the overall plot of star wars and do things withthe characters beyond the movies.

      I mean, according to this spoiler batch they will appear in one whole mission probably. ONE WHOLE MISSION! wont someone think of the children!

  • Utapau7305

    Good to see Clone Wars levels

  • Smullie

    The Tarkin name also came up in the article about the military codes. So will there be a character named Tarkin in ep 7 ?

  • TC

    My goodness this game sounds amazing. Cannot wait for it to be released. Really looking forward to some awesome space to land battles and playing as the heroes.