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A name going around to direct and write Star Wars: Episode IX.

Today our friend Brian (along with some help from his homies) from EU Cantina cracked a code hinting that Francis Lawrence is in the running to direct and write Star Wars: Episode IX. Star Wars fans are probably most familiar with Lawrence from the Hunger Games films. Before you fans of hungry people killing each other get too happy, its way too early to make dinner reservations based on this one.

This getting out is way too early to have too much value yet. The word is nothing has been signed. Lawrence is not the director, writer, or making the movie at this time. They have had “quiet talks.” I can also tell you that he is not the only name to have had “quiet talks” either.

In my opinion, its just too early to know anything at all. As of this juncture the Abrams returning rumors might be better than the Francis Lawrence rumor. But either way, it doesn’t appear anything is final so the truth is no one knows. We privately only guessed Rian Johnson because he was fighting with a famous blogger about Star Wars films snatching up all the solid young talent. There has been nothing to suggest anything even close to that on this director or anyone else.

I still think the director of Star Wars: Episode IX will likely be a surprise to us unless we have another Rian Johnson case which was weird and probably unique.



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