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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Early Kylo Ren/Phasma Connection?

I found this particular concept piece to be of interest to the making of the new Star Wars movie. It involves an early version of Kylo Ren before the helmet and cross guard lightsaber became the final designs for the character. It may also present an interesting link that reveals a little about Captain Phasma’s design.

The mask is red and black. It reminds me of the CBS logo if the white in the logo below was red and the blue was black:



The helmet is of course more oval and shaped to a human head. I know the comparison is odd but if this piece ever gets published officially you’ll see what I mean. He has a cloak on and the hood is up. His face is basically just a red target. He wears a black body glove with red stripes down the arms. The black cloak itself is very much like Kylo Ren’s in the teaser but it is not frayed.


It is snowing. The background is identical to what we see in the teaser trailer. Kylo is holding the saber over his head, only its the Wampa claw lightsaber. The claw appears to be metallic and not bone like some of the other Wampa claw designs.


This piece was done on 5-11-13 by Glyn Dillon. The interesting part to me is that the concept art for Captain Phasma aka as Chrome Stormtrooper Commander, has the Wampa claw lightsaber. I speculate that the concept art pieces we’ve seen for Phasma were actually early Kylo Ren designs. The design was too good to discard so it was applied to Phasma who has a role that appears to be the size of Boba Fett’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back role. More on her in the future. At this point, Captain Phasma does not appear to be a Force user in the film. For this reason I do not expect Phasma to have a lightsaber on her belt in the movie, but I still hope she does!





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