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Friday Bonus Report: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Great Escape!

Today’s report about the mystery of Poe’s clothes has lead to some confusion, mainly around the escape. Here are the details about the escape situation and how it flows. When Finn is berated by his superior it might be because he let some villagers go or because he vomited after the action on the village:

  • CG Exterior Night Star Destroyer in the Distance – Imperial Troop Transporters and Kylo Ren’s ship head for the Star Destroyer.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer Hanger Bay Poe enters the Hanger Bay, dazed. Finn exits his transport.
  • Interior Night Imperial Troop Transport Finn takes off his helmet, vomits. Superior wants to see him.

It then cuts to Rey scavenging.

This all takes place around shots numbered in the early 40s to the late 50s.

  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Frightening (Torture/Interrogation?)Room: Kylo Ren chats with Poe, confident he will get what he wants.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Kylo Ren reveals to The General (Domhnall Gleeson) that he is looking for a speciifc droid.
  • Exterior Day Salvage Station – Outskirts BB-8 hits the ground running. Rey and BB-8 head for the Salvage Station.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Hallway A Stormtrooper leads Poe down a corridor.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Hanger Bay, Finn dressed as a Stormtrooper leads Poe back to the Hanger Bay, they head for the TIE Fighter.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Finn and poe squeeze into a TIE Fighter and start it up.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Balcony Hangar Bay  The Colonel sees Finn and Poe leaving the Star Destroyer without authorization.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Hallways Stormtroopers rush toward the Hanger Bay pushing a weapons container.
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Hanger Bay TIE Fighter rips cables away as it rises.
  • Interior Night TIE Fighter Finn and Poe flying, they start up the guns!
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Hanger Bay Chaos in the hanger as the TIE Fighter lets rip!
  • Interior Night TIE Fighter Finn keeps firing as they exit the building!
  • Interior Night Star Destroyer – Balcony over Hanger Bay Windows blow out on the balcony!
  • CG Exterior Night Star Destroyer – In the darkness the TIE Fighter exists the Star Destroyer at great speed.
  • Interior Night Tie Fighter – They introduce themselves. Finn has a cunning idea.

After this they are shot down as described in the report form earlier. I believe the concept art I have seen for this hanger is probably somewhat on too as it seems to depict some of the action there.


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