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Helidubai Pilot Speaks About His Work On Star Wars.

With The Force Awakens edging ever closer, members of the cast and crew begin to talk of their experience working on the new Star Wars film. Today Arab Emirates site The National posted an interview with aerial photographer and helicopter pilot Andy Nettleton. During the interview he speaks of his experience working with director J.J. Abrams, and just exactly what he did whilst working on The Force Awakens.

Below are some exerts from the interview, where the pilot discusses costumes:

There were big fairy things, Sasquatch[Chewbacca] and dwarves dressed in ragged clothes, just like you see in the Star Wars movies. Between filming, you’d see Stormtroopers in white with the guns and helmets on. Then you’d go in the mess for dinner alongside the extras with their headgear off but their lower bodies covered in stuff they’re wearing for the movie. They’re sat at the same table and everybody just mingles.

So “big fairy things”, that’s the first I’ve heard of such things, but very interesting none the less. Here’s a little bit more regarding the atmosphere on set in Abu Dhabi:

Great-there were no primadonnas, everybody was just concentrating on what they needed to do-whether it’s producers, directors, writers, actors, extras, cleaners or techies. Everybody looks after their own department, then later you meet for lunch.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about how great the atmosphere was during filming. Many of the cast members involved have mentioned the positivity and love revolving around The Force Awakens production. It’s definitely great to hear again.

During the interview Andy also mentions how J.J. is a perfectionist and shoots in sequence.

JJ Abrams shoots in sequence. I heard on set that he travels from one side of the planet to the other if he needs to.

A perfectionist indeed, we’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Abrams regarding the production of this film, and I really can’t wait to see his passion and love pay off on December 18th this year! It’s not long now folks.

You can check out the full interview here. 

Thanks to “Scoop” for the heads up.


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