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High Res Image of Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader Action figures from Hasbro’s Star Wars Rebels line!

From our friends at Hasbro:

Hi, Star Wars fans. In celebration of the Star Wars Rebels Season One finale, Hasbro is thrilled to introduce the return of two incredible fan favorites: Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano. Seen for the first time in their unique Rebels styling, these 3.75” figures are a significant addition to Hasbro’s already extensive line of Star Wars Rebels action figures and role play toys. The figures will be available Fall 2015.

Hasbro Rebels Ahsoka and Darth Vader Action Figures


I really love the Darth Vader a lot. The Ahsoka Tano figure is pretty nice and reminds me of the character from The Clone Wars a little more than the character model in Star Wars Rebels. Her lightsabers are green in this depiction but from the season two concept art we’ve all seen they’re going to be white because she’s not a Jedi (sort of like the prison guards that had yellow ligthsabers). I’m not sure it captures the Star Wars Rebels feel, but it’s a great looking Ahsoka figure either way!

These are two of the first Star Wars figures in a long time I feel like I have to have. Very nice work, Hasbro. It is also cool that with such a diverse show, the two featured figures from the next season are male and female. I look forward playing with these figures with the kids! Yeah, that’s my excuse. With the kids. Not by myself on the floor in my fort. I never do that. I swear.


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