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Is A New Star Wars Book Character Going to Appear in Rogue One?

Our good buddy Jordan Maison over at Cinelix just put up an exclusive report that a new character featured in the upcoming novel Lords of the Sith by Paul Kemp, will make the jump to the big screen, possibly in the upcoming spin-off film Rogue One.

As many of you are likely aware, Lords of the Sith will introduce the Galaxy Far Far Away’s first canon LGBT character in Moff Delian Mors.  The revelation of this character has already grabbed some substantial coverage from major news outlets.

According to Jordan, that character will cross over to the films and will make an appearance in a spin-off film, likely Rogue One:

I’ve had two independent sources tell me that the Lucasfilm story group has plans for Delian Mors, plans that includes a big screen appearance, and possible outing in a live-action series.  The primary thing I’ve heard is that Lucasfilm really wants to include Mors in one of the Star Wars spin-offs.  My sources couldn’t say specifically which standalone film, but were under the impression it could be Rogue One.

Further, the character could also be used in a potential live-action TV show which would tie the novel, film, and show together:

Delian Mors is in a Star Wars spin-off who can then be used in a TV show to help further connect the show to the films, and both of those would connect to the books.  Considering the amount of press the character has already been given, it’s not exactly a surprise they’d want to use her more throughout their new canon endeavors.  It shows their commitment to bringing in more diversity (which fans have been adamant about having), while also providing a connective thread through multiple venues.

Jordan goes on to say that it’s not clear yet whether Moff Mors will play a substantial role in the film or TV show or a small one.

Having read Lords of the Sith, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the character.  Regardless, it’s interesting that a brand-new book character will be crossing over into more mainstream mediums.  I look forward to seeing how it is handled.

Be sure to head over to Cinelix to read the full report.


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