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John Williams to record Star Wars: The Force Awakens score this summer!

johnwilliamsx345According to its being reported that John Williams will in fact be recording with the London Symphony Orchestra this summer in London. It was long thought that Williams would stay and record in Los Angeles due to his age and the fact that he hasn’t left the country for about ten years, but it appears that he is planning on traveling to London and working with the same orchestra that he has on the previous six films.


Tommy Pearson, a concert producer made a few comments at a film music concert last friday:

“John Williams will be returning to London to record the new Star Wars score this summer”.


It is also noted that Williams has written the themes for the movie before christmas, after writing and recording the score for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer according to Composer Mark Griskey.


Thanks “Scoop” for the heads up!


Update: London Symphony Orchestra reached out and denied these claims saying that there has been no announcement.


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