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More Production Rumors on the Live-Action Star Wars Series

Jason first mentioned that a Star Wars television series was ramping up again, and now our friend Jordan at Cinelinx adds what he’s heard to the rumors:

I’ve heard from a couple sources now that until the film schedules have all been ironed out (we’ve got at least two movies getting that sorted now), the show is in a holding pattern.

Jordan goes on to say that the plan is to shoot the live action series at Pinewood in between movies, to utilize the film sets and save on budget. Until Lucasfilm gets the production plans firmed up for the films, they seem to be waiting on the television series, meaning it will be at least a couple of years before it airs. Until then, we’ll have to be satisfied with Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting in December, Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels coming at some point this year, Rogue One landing in December 2016, the arrival of Star Wars: Episode VIII in May of 2017, and who knows whatever else Lucasfilm decides to throw at us in the meantime.

[via Cinelinx]


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