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This month’s issue of Darth Vader hits us with the mysterious cover girl we were all excited to meet. Aphra makes her debut and we get more action, explosions, cool ships, and Vaderness. I don’t know how it was everywhere but when I went to my local comic store to pick up they were sold out! Lucky I’m on that pull list. Looks like a whole lotta people were interested in this issue.



The issue picks up with Aphra pulling off a heist of some quarantined piece of programming. It totally reads Raiders of the Lost Ark and gives us a cool action-packed scene of this doctor/adventurer. I liked the intro and the art is still top notch. Booby traps, wall lasers, rolling droideka, falling blast doors, and an exit that leads to being surrounded by natives. The only thing missing was the whip and the hat.

Vader comes looking for her and like any situation he takes what he wants. This issue is filled with some very familiar situations. Aphra ends up hanging from a ledge over a chasm very reminiscent of his his Cloud City encounter.

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The Ark Angel. First new ship from these comics that’s not a throwback or just a mass produced ship we’re already familiar with. It’s really cool looking. It looks super customized as if the parts were all added on but it still feels cool. I really like these personal ships: The Falcon, the Ghost, Slave I, the Twilight, what I imagine the Desert Jewel looks like. It’s cool that these ships reflect their owners’ personalities and almost represent them at times.

Aboard the Ark Angel Vader helps Aphra reactivate some droids with her stolen tech and we meet 000 and BT-1 which are basically evil 3PO and R2. I love how the “protocol” droid asks what he’s supposed to do since there’s no one around to murder.

Vader states he needs her services and Aphra accepts nervously. Vader asks for an army and Aphra suggests they head to Geonosis to find their droids.




This issue definitely feels more like Aphra #1 instead of Darth Vader #3. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and so far Aphra seems pretty cool. I’m liking her character design and personality so far. On an interesting note it seems that so far Marvel has given us a few new canon characters. Overseer Aggadeen, Evaan, Black Krrsantan, Lt. Oon-Ai, Lord Junn and a couple of other faces. By far the most memorable and the ones getting the most attention are the ladies. In a world where Hasbro refuses to give us female action figures and even cancels awaited female figures, it’s cool to see that Marvel has no qualms about giving the Star Wars audience some cool female characters. Aphra is a smart capable character and I’m definitely interested to see more of her.

Vader is a bit of a side character in this issue but I’m certain that his actions and relationships here will unfold into interesting things in the future. Cool issue, introduces us to a cool character, and next issue we’re going back to a familiar place!


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