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Marvel Star Wars #3 2015

In a world where making a weekly stop at the comic shop can be a chore I’m glad that Marvel’s Star Wars selection is making it easy to be eager to make that journey. This weeks Star Wars #3 continues the stride the series has had so far.

This issue has a much better balance of action and story than the previous issue which to me says when the arc is done (and it feels like it is kinda…) the issues are definitely meant to be read together. Which is great since reading a single issue can go by pretty fast.




Picking up right off the bat with basically the cover image Luke is zooming around on a speeder bike while the rest of the team are trying to escape the facility and Vader in an AT-AT. I’m loving how chaotic and improvised the action reads. It feels like a fledgling rebel plan executed against overwhelming odds by our favorite daring, lucky, never-give-in rebels.

Marvel Star Wars Vol 2 3 Leinil_Francis_Yu Variant

While it may have been a silly throw away gag I really enjoyed 3PO’s malfunctioning ramblings of Captain Antilles and Diplomatic missions. It’s somewhere between a rushed Cloud City assembly and a Geonosis Battle Droid mix up. Chewie saving the day felt even better. While it may be looked at like a repeat of the Chewie vs. Ugnaughts battle royale on Bespin it actually made me feel like 3PO is Chewie’s reluctant burden.

Vader brings down an AT-AT with a lightsaber and Luke wreaks havok with his Lightsaber and I felt like there was a really cool inverse logic/effect to how they each wielded the weapon. Luke definitely has a ways to go before he begins to hold that weapon in a way that reminds anyone of a more civilized age.

Leia, Han, and some of the rescued slaves escape the AT-AT, Han actually injured and tended to by the Princess. I loved how the damsel in distress trope was switched in this case as Leia led an injured Han to safety. Luke meanwhile decides that he must finish the mission and embarks on a suicide run back into the weapons factory with Vader on his tail again. There was a real impetuous nature to Luke’s action but also the fearless heroism that makes Luke Luke. Despite the odds Luke blows the factory, escapes the explosion, escapes Vader, and escapes aboard the Falcon with the others.

Vader contemplates Obi-Wan’s plan and tries to put all the pieces of the puzzle together while Luke finally comes to the realization that without Obi-Wan, or proper training, he’ll never be a Jedi.

Marvel Star Wars Vol 2 3 Action_Figure Variant




All in all this is what feels like a great conclusion to the issues thus far. The chaotic action really feels like the same trio storming the Death Star with all of their luck bringing them through it. I think these stories really put into perspective the place we will see the characters go in the future.

I must say that I really feel that Aaron is nailing the characters we met in A New Hope. They aren’t organized generals and commanders of an Alliance yet. They are idealistic youths who enter every fray fearless and full of hope. I feel like I’m seeing old friends I haven’t seen in a long time.

It’s also starting to look like Luke is going to be the real focus of this series. Maybe with each arc the focus will shift but if I’m right I’m okay with that. Luke is an important character and has a lot of growing to do before we see him again as Commander Skywalker.

Once again the art is stellar and cinematic. The bold lines and colors really evoke a Star Wars feel. Now that I’ve seen a few issues I feel like Luke’s look is the one that sometimes doesn’t exactly match Mark Hamill sometimes but it’s hard to nitpick when every frame of Han and Leia is so perfect.

Great issue and I can’t wait to see what secrets we find on Tattooine….


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