Star Wars: Episode VIII Director And Release Date Confirmed!

Star Wars fans, “The time has come!”

Just now it was announced on the official Star Wars site that Rian Johnson, director of Looper and three episodes of the hit show Breaking Bad will be officially writing and directing Episode VIII! It’s been the worst kept secret of the last year that Rian Johnson will be writing and directing Episode VIII. I personally find it very strange that it has taken this long to announce it, but hey here it is.




Along with the Rian Johnson announcement we also have a release date! On May 26th 2017, exactly forty years and a day since the release of A New Hope, Episode VIII will hit theaters worldwide.

Being a May release, I’m wondering whether Disney/Lucasfilm are going back to the traditional summer release for the main saga episodes? It does appear that way from this announcement.

So March 12th will go down in Star Wars history as another exciting step into the future of our beloved franchise. Click here to check the official reveal for yourself! Exciting times people, exciting times!


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