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Star Wars: LEGO Review – T-16 Skyhopper!

So I’m back today with another LEGO Star Wars review on yet another iconic vehicle from the galaxy far far away, the T-16 Skyhopper! The T-16 Skyhopper made appearances in A New Hope as a model which Luke Skywalker is playing with, at the end of the Return Of The Jedi special edition during the celebration scene on Tatooine and last of all it appears in the background of a scene at the Lars homestead in Attack Of The Clones. Even with limited appearances this ship has been cemented as one of the most iconic ships from the Star Wars galaxy!

Anyway that’s enough history on the vehicle, on to the review:



  • T-16 Skyhopper
  • Set Number- 75081
  • Pieces- 247
  • Available Now.

This set comes with three numbered bags, the usual guide-book and eight stickers. With 247 pieces this set is not extremely large, however it is larger and more detailed than what you would find with the smaller battle packs and army builder sets:

MSW2 001

(Sets comes in three numbered bags with eight stickers and the guide-book.)

MSW2 006

(“The Jundland wastes are not to be traveled lightly”! Especially when you’re building your own T-16!)

MSW2 009

(“They’ll be back.. and in greater numbers”!)

MSW2 012

(All the natives of Tatooine are coming to see the construction take place! Although it seems someone has an ulterior motive!)

MSW2 016

(Despite distractions the T-16 Skyhopper is up and running! You can see above one of the playability features, a spring-loaded shooter on the underside of both wings.)

MSW2 022

(What’s this? Imperials.. congratulating!)

MSW2 020

MSW2 024

(Four against one.. This should’ve been easy!)

MSW2 025

(T-16 Skyhopper from the rear, you can see both spring-loaded shooters from this angle.)

MSW2 029

(From the front of the T-16 you can see both opening windows on either side, these are the access point for the pilot.)

This set includes two minifigures and a womp rat. The first figure is the pilot of the T-16 Skyhopper, he comes in a very detailed red jumpsuit which is printed on both sides, he also has a small blaster pistol. The pilot has a double-sided face print, one side showing a cheeky grin with the other side having a more serious look and his visor down. The other minifigure from this set is the famous Tusken Raider, this Tusken is based on the A New Hope model and hasn’t been released since 2002! This minifigure is fantastic and extremely detailed, with a full head molding rather than printing. He comes with chest and back printing and is armed with the Tusken Raiders’ famous weapon, the gaffi stick!

MSW2 014

MSW2 015

The T-16 Skyhopper is a fantastic set which I personally love. It is a fairly simple build, however during construction of the main wing there are some intricate build processes in which many small pieces are used to lock everything together. Just make sure you follow the guide closely there! There are a few playability features included on this set, these include the spring-loaded shooters I mentioned earlier, the opening cockpit (which fits one minifigure), an opening hatch behind the pilot’s seat where a supply crate is kept securely locked in place, and lastly the folding wings which you can click up and down to your specification.

Overall this set is great. It is priced at £24:99 UK ($24:99 US). Coming with two brilliant minifigures and a number of playability features, it’s worth every penny. I have to admit that the Tusken Raider minifigure is one of the best LEGO Star Wars figures I’ve seen; it’s seriously awesome! So what are you waiting for, go and add this set to your collection now!


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