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Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Mystery of Poe’s Clothes!

We’ve talked about the opening of the film as it is in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Here are few details that fill in the actions of what goes down at the start of the film. A few details have come to light that are really solid but there is still some ambiguity about the deep details, unfortunately. As always if you can’t hang with spoilers, stop reading now.

This all takes place after Poe has put the saber into BB-8 and sent him on his path. Poe is captured after his confrontation with Kylo which allows BB-8 to escape into the wilderness with the sword. Kylo has killed the Vicar when he doesn’t produce the saber. Finn’s Stormtrooper buddy has probably died in the village fire fight, unnerving him. Finn allows some villagers to escape and Finn returns to the Star Destroyer to be berated by his superior.  Finn wants to jump ship and realizes Poe is the man to help him do just that.

  • Poe and Finn escape in a TIE Fighter. They don’t get very far. They crash because the TIE is hit by blasts from the Star Destroyer.
  • Poe is unconscious at the controls.
  • Finn has to get out.
  • It appears he ejects.
  • Finn observes the TIE disappear over the horizon of the desert planet’s dunes.
  • After a brief moment we see an explosion.
  • Finn passes out.
  • Finn wakes.
  • Finn searches for the TIE.
  • He can’t get in.
  • Finn walks alone and puts on some Poe’s clothes.

After this Finn ends up at the station Rey is at. Because he has some of Poe’s clothes on, she doesn’t realize he’s an Imperial deserter at that point apparently.

Does Finn see Poe inside the TIE and presume he’s dead? How does Finn get some of Poe’s clothes? This might explain why Finn wears a brown jacket with some Rebel red and blue rank insignias on it. However, Poe was just in a brig. We don’t think he took a suitcase with him to his imprisonment and escaped on a whim with it. I speculate he may trade clothes with Poe. As of now, that is kind of a small mystery.

There is a sequence later in the film where the bad guys have destroyed Rose’s pub and a castle (not the Evil Castle). A “black TIE” shows up and “makes all the difference.” Shortly after that Poe and Finn are reunited. I speculate that perhaps that is Poe that shows up in a TIE and makes all the difference. Perhaps he used Finn’s clothes do something sneaky allowing him to steal an elite black TIE Fighter or something like that.

Poe’s actions after the crash are not detailed anywhere. It is most likely a small surprise when he shows up and saves the heroes from Kylo’s evil forces. I imagine if this is correct, we will read about Poe’s adventure off-screen in the novelization or some other form of Star Wars  print.

As I have said before, these are the broad strokes of these sequences. The small details probably won’t be revealed until later.



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