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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser with the Avengers!?

We’ve seen it popping up all over. Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer is coming. It has been such a given it almost isn’t news. Today Regal Theaters tweeted out an image of The Avengers EW cover with the standard Star Wars: The Force Awakens logo we’ve seen around stating, “see the Star Wars trailer with The Avengers!” The tweet has since been deleted.

The word we keep hearing is that the teaser will be at Star Wars Celebration. It is kind of a no-brainer. We know the event it going to be transmitted to several locations. That alone makes me believe the teaser will be online. Stopping the teaser from getting phone-filmed is hard enough but to stop it after that point wouldn’t make any sense anyhow as thousands will have seen it. So you can bet it will be online shortly after the event. If not, I look forward to viewing the hundreds of YouTube phone cam videos that follow. I bet it makes its way to The Avengers for the theatrical release run. That’s my educated guess based on what I’ve heard and what we know is going on.

We think the teaser’s journey will be:

  1. Celebration
  2. Online

  3. In theaters with The Avengers.

Hopefully we get the official word before the J.J. Abrams panel. But they may not actually promise it and might “surprise” us with it there. You never know, right? I don’t think Lucasfilm have been telling us its going to be the place to be just because of the cosplay after all.



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