A look at DK’s new release: Ultimate Star Wars.

Ultimate Star Wars

DK’s Ultimate Star Wars has just released this week and it is worth checking out. The book is a must-own for people constantly asking “is that canon?” or those that constantly ask “does still count?” after the Expanded Universe became Star Wars Legends, a non-canonical anthology of Star Wars tales not connected to the film universe like the current novels, comics, video games, and television shows. For old Expanded Universe fans, DK’s Ultimate Star Wars is going to put a smile on their faces as many of those “tales” still inform the canon.

As an obsessive Star Wars fan, these types of guides have always been something I enjoy picking up and flipping through for fun or to look at the photographs. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars outside these kinds of books. For me, this book feels like the “style guide” for the entire Star Wars story (“This is what we’re accepting” and if you don’t see it there it probably “doesn’t exist” to Jocasta Nu). I feel like the guide brought me up to date with where things are going with Star Wars and the Lucasfilm story group’s decisions about older materials.

I think newer fans are going to love this book. Every page is full of interesting information. The photos are nice quality and usually the photographic choices are well done too. I think this will make an excellent gift for the droves of new fans about to come into the Star Wars fandom this year when The Force Awakens hits.

The book is not perfect. It has errors. There are tiny things that should not matter. One listing has the wrong alien race listed for someone. The errors are things like that and they’re small. They personally do not bother me as I can figure out it is an error with ease (such as Slave I being called Clone I in an instance). However, if you want the perfect edition of this book, it might be better to wait for the second edition (if they make one). Don’t get me wrong, this book has a ton of information and the tiny errors it does have shouldn’t dominate the perception the book.

The book retails for $40 for but you can find it for much cheaper on Amazon. At a price point right now of about $26 on sale, I find it to be an exceptional value giving hours of entertainment and connectivity to the Star Wars universe. It covers everything from prequel era, the animated shows, and the films with a lot of info in-between. Ships, weapons, locations, and key events are also detailed  rather well in this collection.

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