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Daredevil’s Steven DeKnight Wants To Run A Star Wars TV Series

Steven+DeKnight+Spartacus+Press+Room+2012+pIeE6TZBLFIlMarvel’s first Netflix original live action series, Daredevil is generating serious buzz after the show’s release on Friday, April 10th. The series is being executive produced by Steven DeKnight the creator of the Spartacus TV series and a long time producer and writer on genre shows like Smallville, Angel, and Dollhouse.

As I was watching Daredevil yesterday I happened to tweet the following:

To which DeKnight jumped in and commented:  

Last year author Chuck Wendig tweeted about his desire to write a Star Wars novel and appears to have led to him landing the role of writing the Journey to The Force Awakens kick-off adult novel, Aftermath.

If a Star Wars live-action television series ever gets off the ground, I would love to see DeKnight involved. I am certainly not going to stand in the way of this Force-choking showrunner.

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