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Star Wars Anthology: The code for Josh Trank’s Star Wars “Spin-off” Anthology film!

We have learned the code name of the second Star Wars Anthology film.  The “spin-offs” or the “stand-alones” are being called Star Wars Anthology. So a film could be called Star Wars Anthology: Jar Jar’s Great Adventure. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens operated under the titles of “Foodles” and “AVCO.” Star Wars: Rogue One is going by “Los Alamos.” This of course follows in the tradition of obscuring the film’s true nature as Return of the Jedi was famously called “Blue Harvest” during production to appear to be a low budget horror film instead of the capstone to the original trilogy. The prequels did business as “JAK Productions,” which was an acronym of George Lucas’ children’s names of Jet, Amanda, and Katie.

The second Star Wars Anthology film’s code name is “Tin Can.”

We don’t know what the film could be. It could be the Boba Fett film if that’s ever happening. “Tin Can” kind of reminds me of the Falcon (“What a piece of junk!”) to an extent. Lucasfilm did also register 501st Stormtrooper recently, so maybe it is a Stormtrooper film? Maybe not.

We loved Josh Trank’s Chronicle and can’t wait to see what he does with his Star Wars Anthology film.


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