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Star Wars: Celebration: Have You Felt It?

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?”

This is it! The moment so many of us have been waiting for: Star Wars Celebration begins in approximately one hour! It all starts with the highly anticipated The Force Awakens panel hosted by J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy. Whilst many of my friends and teammates are the foot soldiers in line at Anaheim, Jesse Tscopp and I will be manning the helm here at MSW to keep all of you non-convention goers covered with all that comes out of the event!

In November of last year we got our first peek behind the curtains of The Force Awakens with an 88-second teaser trailer, and now today the veil will be lifted once again. Exciting does not even slightly cover the vibe across our fandom right now!




With this historic moment upon us the feeling right now is of excitement, nostalgia, and a twinge of anxiety. It’s a time lifelong fans have been waiting for forever, and a moment the new generation will surely never forget!

Stay tuned to MSW this weekend as we keep you in touch with everything Star Wars related, old and new. Also jump on Twitter and tell me (@JOutred) and Jesse (@jrtschopp) how you feel!

MSW here for you… Always!




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