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Star Wars: Rogue One might have cast a very tall man.

We have a casting rumor for Star Wars: Rogue One today, nothing major but interesting. This is a rumor for now:

Lydon Sutcliffe
Apparently, he has a part in Star Wars:Rogue One. Not sure what as, probably nothing major. As per the norm, nothing can be discussed about the movie.

One thing that is intriguing though: he’s pretty tall.

I found this Daily Mail article about him in which he has celebrities wanting photos with him because he’s over seven feet tall:

  • Lydon Sutcliffe, 26, is classified as a giant due to his 7ft 1in frame
  • Wimbledon worker is constantly accosted by celebrities asking for photos
  • Pictured with Holly Willoughby, Helen Skelton and Sir Cliff Richard
  • Also snapped with tennis stars Nadal, Pat Cash, and John McEnroe
  • Groundsman says they all ask him: ‘What’s the weather like up there?’

Here is a good photo of him from Twitter:

We will have to see how this develops, if at all. The rumor is Lydon Sutcliffe has a part in Star Wars: Rogue One. Also, Lucasfilm, if you need another tall guy don’t forget about Jonny Mathers!




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