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Star Wars: The Force Awakens & A Cockpit of Heroes for the Green World!

Spoilers here! If you don’t want to know, stop reading now.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens appears to have a somewhat deeper hold on the psychology of the characters in the story this time. We have characters reacting to the things that happen to them in different ways than what we’ve seen for the most part. After Finn’s buddy is severely injured or killed, Finn vomits after the trauma he’s experienced. The things they’ve seen have an impact. I think part of the drive to remove green screens when possible was to make sure the characters had a real emotional connection to their environment and what they experience and see.

StarWars Underworld updated today with an artistic rendition of a still from the film:

SWU Artist Rendition


What happens in this sequence SWU is showing us above?

Chewbacca is in the back recuperating from his injury with the pirates on the Gigantic Freighter. After they leave the freighter in the Falcon, BB-8 shows the saber and they fly to the jungle world. Rey is overcome by the green she’s seeing. Finn asks who they are seeing and Han says “her,” which is “Rose.”

 INT. DAY MILLENNIUM FALCON – COCKPIT (GIMBAL) Rey gets emotional at seeing so much green [Chewie is in back hurt]

It is an interesting character bit if it makes the final film. She only remembers living on a desert planet so when she sees all the green of the planet that looks a lot like Yavin, she is probably seeing the most beautiful sight she has ever seen.

All in all, it points towards the idea that Rey has been on the sand planet for her most of her life as far as she can remember.

Today after we published our trailer report, SWU had one too. I find it interesting that the jungle world is being thought of as Yavin IV by my source and SWU’s. We have seen concept art of Yavin and other concept art showing places very unlike Yavin. That said, if “Rose’s” planet is Yavin it might mean the “Academy” is the Yavin IV one, actually depicting something borrowed from the EU/Legends stories. That would imply “Rose” is a part of the Jedi Order there and then simply opens her little establishment after things go very badly there some years before the events of The Force Awakens. Or maybe I’m just getting too into this Yavin business.

The opening sequence begins on the desert landscape, a dusty star destroyer crashed into the sand. Looks like it’s been there for many years.
Following cut, characters Rey and Finn and our favorite rolling robot BB-8 are making their way through a crowd in the fleamarket a very Tatooine-ish type of scenario.
Next, we have Rey looking through the trees, in a Yavin like scenario, as TIE fighters fly overhead
The next scene he told us about, were pilots running to their ships in their old-school style X-wing gear… yeah… orange!
Now it really starts to get interesting… Towards the end of the trailer, from behind, we will see Han Solo, vest and all. Complete traditional garb, the way we remember his, as he sits down and re-aquiants himself with the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.
As if this wasn’t good enough – brace yourselves – because this last scene has not been described by any other website yet. As far as we know, this is an exclusive…
This last scene shows a gloved hand pulling something out of a pile of ash. As it comes into the clear, it begins to take the shape of Vader’s former helmet… what’s left of it. Here’s the interesting part:
Remains of a skull still reside in the helmet.

I cannot speak to the accuracy of the claims in their teaser report (they’re not my sources). A lot of the circumstantial stuff is viably connected to sequences we know occur in the film, such as the market stuff when Finn and Rey are about to steal the Falcon. The skull stuff is news to me and when I asked my sources about it they had not seen a teaser with Anakin’s skull, just Vader’s helmet (wouldn’t his body have vanished when he became a ghost like Yoda and Ben?), so that is a very interesting development to us. We just know Vader’s helmet is there in the teaser it is the “Oh, shit!” moment.

Thanks to SWU for sharing the picture and what they have heard.



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