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Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Putting on the brakes and consoling a pirate!

Spoilers: Don’t discuss these openly on Twitter or in public forums. Protect your friends’ right to not know a thing until the film is released. 

This story is meant for people who have read past spoilers. If you haven’t read them all, more or less, this piece may confuse you (more than usual).

Today we have a big moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens to discuss. The Falcon makes a crazy stop that causes the ship to crash onto the snow planet. There are lots of details here that give us insight into the context for many things in the film. I hope you find this sequence as interesting as I do.

EXTERIOR DAY RESISTANCE BASE BAY (MILLENNIUM FALCON) Leia gives Finn the lightsaber. Han promises to hurry back to Leia.

EXTERIOR DAY RESISTANCE BASE BAY (MILLENNIUM FALCON) wide shot as Millennium Falcon takes off on the mission.

INTERIOR DAY FIRST ORDER CASTLE – DUNGEON Rey uses some “special skills” to convince Stormtroopers to leave their post.

CG EXTERIOR NIGHT OUTSIDE / MILLENNIUM FALCON Millennium Falcon races fast towards its target.

PLATE EXTERIOR DAY RESISTANCE BASE Plate shots/landscapes as required for Millennium Falcon departure.

INTERIOR NIGHT MILLENNIUM FALCON – FALCON COCKPIT (GIMBAL) About to arrive, Han reveals his crazy plan to stop.

PLATE EXTERIOR DAY EVIL CASTLE / MILLENNIUM FALCON Plates required for Millennium Falcon’s emergency stop.

INTERIOR DAY MILLENNIUM FALCON – FALCON COCKPIT (GIMBAL) Han, Chewie, Finn screaming at sudden arrival.

PLATE EXTERIOR DAY FIRST ORDER CASTLE / MILLENNIUM FALCON Plates required for Millennium Falcon crashing through trees.

INTERIOR DAY MILLENNIUM FALCON – FALCON COCKPIT (GIMBAL) Han reacts to Millennium Falcon slamming through trees.

PLATE EXTERIOR DAY FIRST ORDER CASTLE / MILLENNIUM FALCON Plates required for Millennium Falcon coming to a standstill.

INTERIOR DAY MILLENNIUM FALCON – FALCON COCKPIT (GIMBAL) Standstill. Han shook up. Finn consoles him regarding Kylo Ren.

The action essentially ramps up once Rose tells Leia that she believes Finn should have the sword (because Rey doesn’t take the sword, I speculate Rose knows it will end up in Rey’s hands if Finn has it and that’s why she makes that request). I also speculate that Han and Leia have a “moment” with the “I’ll hurry back” stuff. This scene is significant for a lot of reasons, mainly that it is their final “goodbye” moment.

It appears that Rey uses the Jedi Mind Trick to convince her captors to abandon their post, allowing her to begin her escape from The First Order’s captivity. This is one of the first moments in the film where we see that she probably has supernatural “Jedi” powers. Later in the film, she is touched when Finn and the gang came back for her as they cross paths.

Han Solo’s crazy plan to stop the Falcon sounds like he’s stopping the ship as it moves really fast to sneak through the snow planet’s defenses or else why do it? It makes me think of Star Wars Rebels using the Phantom to drop out of Hyperspace, which uses a crazy sort of Doctor Who-like visual, which has made me wonder if it stems from this sequence. Either way, the Falcon makes a crazy stop that puts it into some serious danger and it crashes through a lot of trees. It could be visually stunning and a nice way to see Han say goodbye to the Falcon.

I am of the opinion that Finn consoling Han Solo about Kylo Ren at that moment is really important to us. First, it probably means that Kylo’s parentage is discussed with Rose during the flashback as Finn now has reason to console Han Solo. A short time later, Kylo will board the vessel after they’ve gone. Kylo sitting in this seat is important. Moments later, after Han Solo carries out his mission, he will meet Kylo Ren on screen to devastating consequences.

I really love the relationships in this movie and what it appears they will mean. Finn consoling Han about his son and then Han teaching Finn to “man up” during the shield destruction of the First Order Castle makes for an interesting relationship between the men. In the old EU, Han Solo was essentially a Stormtrooper that defected to save the Wookiees. The idea that Han has a soft spot for this kid and they have this friendship is really nice in the context that Han Solo’s son is likely the biggest “bastard” in the galaxy.

The wait for this film is painful. I want to see these sequences executed right now. I have a fever–Star Wars fever!


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