We’re giving away $10 credit on VUDU to pre-order the digital Star Wars saga!

All codes have been given out for today. Thanks for playing and tune in next week to Now, This Is Podcasting! for more credit codes!

For the first time ever, the Star Wars saga is available in digital HD! VUDU has an exclusive discounted bundle price of $89.99 when you pre-order through them now. This is a limited time deal so waste no time and GO GET THEM NOW!


Additionally we have codes to give away to fans for $10 credit at VUDU. You can e-mail for the next 1 HOUR (until 12:45/3:45 pm PST/EST) to see if you get a code! If you miss out today, we have three more to give out on next week’s episode of Now, This Is Podcasting! so tune in then!

Good luck and please don’t miss out on this amazing deal from VUDU!


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