Recently I had the privilege of interviewing the amazing Michael Price, the Executive Producer and Head Writer of the upcoming LEGO Star Wars series Droid Tales. In addition to Droid Tales Price has written the standalone LEGO Star Wars shows The Padawan Menace and The Empire Strikes Out; he was also the Head Writer on the hit LEGO Star Wars series The Yoda Chronicles.

For those who are familiar with the world of LEGO Star Wars you will know that the level of humor is unprecedented, and the combination of comedy and the classic Star Wars feel is fantastic, bringing the most iconic moments from the films to life in LEGO. I’m a huge fan of these shows and feel incredibly lucky to have been able to chat to the mastermind behind them, so without further ado here is my Q&A with Michael Price where we even talk about the upcoming Droid Tales!

Q: Being a Star Wars fan how does it feel contributing to part of an ongoing legacy in such a fun and enjoyable way?

A: “It’s an incredible privilege, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it, to create something that plays with such a great legacy. It’s really great to be part of a team creating a playful and fun take on everyone’s favourite characters. We often say we feel just like kids on the floor playing with our LEGO, fooling around with all the Star Wars worlds and characters.”

Q: How is it to work with the fantastic Anthony Daniels as Threepio?

A: “Oh it’s incredible. Anthony is such a great guy and working with him is so much fun. We just recently did a panel at Star Wars Celebration and he was up there alongside us. He’s wonderful with the fans and a brilliant personality and he absolutely loves playing LEGO Threepio.”

Q: I was actually watching the panel live on You Tube, I loved the way you bought Daniels on stage to finish the lines missing from the Droid Tales sequence you showed!

A: “Haha! Yeah, we thought we would have a bit of fun with that. If you watched the panel, I think Anthony explained how he loves playing LEGO Threepio, as he can really play around with the character and have him say and do things he’d never do in any of the Star Wars movies. And, of course, he can just have fun; it’s a lot less serious than being on a movie set.”

Q: How closely do you work with your partners at Lucasfilm when creating a new TV show?

A: “Oh, they are hugely supportive. They almost never say ‘don’t do that.’ They give us a lot of freedom with our creativity and we’re very grateful for that. Howard Roffman and Carrie Beck are so supportive of us, and I just want to say thank you to them for that support.”

Q: Who is your favourite character to write into the shows and why?

A: “You know I really do love writing Palpatine. He’s such a great bad guy and so entertainingly evil.”

Q: Couldn’t agree more. He’s such a fantastic character.

A: “Yeah he’s super fun to write into the shows. We really wanted to incorporate and have fun with his double life. I mean, it must have been incredibly stressful for him, pretending to be one person but really wanting to be someone else. His relationship with Vader is also funny to me; he’s very much like the angry father with Vader being his son who can never do anything right. Then we have Grievous and Palpatine’s relationship where he also can’t do anything right! We have a lot of fun incorporating the kidnapping of Palpatine (from Revenge Of The Sith) into Droid Tales seeing the actual moment of the kidnapping and having more fun with the Grievous/Palpatine comedy team. I think people are really going to like it. Also I want to give a shout out to Trevor Devall, who voices Palpatine, and Kirby Morrow, who voices Grievous. They’re both super talented and great to work with”.

Q: Did you find yourself writing characters into Droid Tales differently then you previously had into say, The Yoda Chronicles?

A: “It’s different because Droid Tales is a retelling of the saga, whereas The Yoda Chronicles was an original story. However, the characters are definitely consistent to who they are in LEGO as well as being true to who they are in the films.”

Q: We all know the LEGO Star Wars series and standalones are not canon. However, would you say you have a canon within your LEGO stories? Could we see Jek-14 show up in Droid Tales?

A: “Haha! Well our previous LEGO Star Wars shows such as The Yoda Chronicles and The New Yoda Chronicles and two standalone specials, The Padawan Menace and The Empire Strikes Out, have had a consistent continuity among themselves, but Droid Tales exists outside of those stories. Droid Tales is LEGO adaptation of the six original films, with a dash of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels tossed in, and so it stands away from the other LEGO Star Wars shows we’ve done; however there is a little shout out to Lando’s father Lindo in Droid Tales which I think fans will love.”

Q: So we won’t be seeing Rusty or Jek in Droid Tales then?

A: “Unfortunately, no. Jek’s now retired following The New Yoda Chronicles and Rusty doesn’t make an appearance.”

Q: Poor Rusty. Well, at least I remembered him!

A: “Haha! I’m glad somebody did.”

Q: I’m a huge LEGO Star Wars collector so I can really relate to the shows. Are you a collector at all?

A: “No actually I’m not, I do have a few minifigures made from the characters in our shows-like I have Jek-14 and I have the Darth Vader minifig with his medal from The Empire Strikes Out.

Q: Nice! Well I for one can’t wait for Droid Tales and to see what you’ve created for us!

A: “Thank you, that means a lot, I also want to say a massive thanks to Matty Smith and Mick Kelley who joined the team this go ’round and wrote two of the best episodes for Droid Tales. Matty wrote Episode 3 which covers A New Hope and Mick wrote Episode 4 which covers The Empire Strikes Back. They’re very funny and talented and they did a fantastic job.”

Q: That’s great. I’m really excited for it and thank you for everything you have done so far. I really hope you carry on writing LEGO Star Wars far into the future! And thank you for your time Michael, its been great to chat!

A: “Thank you very much, haha! I really hope so too, and to you too.”

End Of Interview.


I’d like to say another thank you to Michael Price for taking the time out to speak with me, and to Amanda Santoro of the LEGO Group for arranging the interview.

Keep you eyes peeled on DisneyXD in June for the premiere of Droid Tales the retelling of the saga in LEGO form, it’s going to be awesome! You can check out the awareness spot for the new series below:



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