Noah’s Star Wars Kanan #2 Review!

Noah from Star Wars Time has shared his Star Wars: Kanan #2 thoughts with us:

To start this review off I need to make it clear that before purchasing and reading this issue of Kanan: The Last Padawan, I had never bought nor read a comic book in my ENTIRE  life and that comes along with having never written a comic book review. So if I leave out a crucial part of comic book reviews in this review, please let it go… Just for once.

Also, I am not holding back on explaining what goes down in this issue. If you have not read it yet, and if you plan to read it, you might want to hold off on reading any of the following paragraphs.

The book starts off with a little recap with what we pretty much knew was going to happen at the end of issue one. We see Caleb/Kanan in the same place in the mountains with his master Depa Billaba and the clones. “Execute Order 66.” Good soldiers follow orders and that is just what they did. The clones open fire on Kanan/Caleb and Depa Billaba. Depa tells Kanan/Caleb to run. He resists and then very hesitantly runs away from the death of his Master. This scene also shows us a pivotal moment in Kanan/Caleb’s life–so important that it is referenced in Rebels when the Inquisitor questions Kanan in the interrogation room.

Kanan/Caleb luckily escapes from the clone troopers. This is the moment where the Kanan we know in Rebels and the novel A New Dawn is born. Kanan is a now a creature hiding in the dark, hiding his Jedi roots from any and everyone. He won’t take any chances of being caught by a clone or anyone who would reveal his whereabouts to the troops.

Janus Kasmir, the snarky local we met at the beginning of this series, finds Kanan and offers him a helping hand. He gives him a piece of fruit, a shower, and a bed to sleep in. All on board his ship, Janus Kasmir tells Kanan that he needs to learn how to live in the galaxy like everyone else… in the simplest terms he tells Kanan to steal from anyone. And that is just what he does: Kanan takes off in Kasmir’s ship from the hangar and blasts into space.

Off to the Jedi temple. Until… the Jedi holocron given to Kanan by his master earlier in the series opens and the famous transmission from Obi-Wan plays. Kenobi relays the news of the fall of the Jedi Order and the Republic and urges all remaining Jedi to stay away from the Jedi Temple or prepare to be no more.

In come the clone troopers on the ships. Kanan/Caleb is surrounded with nowhere to go. What will he do? Where will he go? Find out in issue 3 on June 10th!

Thanks for reading my first article on MSW. I hope to do many more. Follow me on Twitter @OutlawNoah! May the Force be with us all!


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