Pete’s Review: Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan #2


Out this week is Kanan: The Last Padawan #2. The second issue of the first story arc of the series continues the story of Jedi padawan Caleb Dume and his master Depa Billaba on the planet Kaller in the waning minutes of the Clone Wars.

Issue two picks up immediately after the first issue as Caleb is day dreaming the moment that Order 66 begins. Greg Weisman does a wonderful job conveying Caleb’s reaction to the overwhelming situations that he finds himself in during the events of this issue, while artist Pepe Larraz does a beautiful job conveying emotion through repeated close-ups of characters faces.

In this issue we do meet a new character, Janus Kasmir who it seems will play a pivotal role in Caleb’s transition to Kanan. Caleb is a young man with a lot to learn about the world and who better to learn about living in the galaxy than a self-described miscreant.

Given the format of individual comic issues, often the stories feel incomplete or rushed to me, but the story in this issue was very satisfyingly complete and even includes a cliffhanger ending leading into issue three.

Hands down between the art and the storytelling Kanan is the best of the new Marvel Star Wars comics so far and hopefully it will lead to even more fans jumping on board the Star Wars Rebels bandwagon.

Kanan: The Last Padawan #2 is on sale now in print and digital formats.

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