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Report: The Second Star Wars Anthology Film Will Explore Boba Fett’s Origin

The Wrap is reporting that the second Star Wars Anthology film will feature Boba Fett and explore the bounty hunter’s origins.  We speculated this might be the case when we discovered that the code name for this film was “Tin Can.”

There isn’t very much information on the film from The Wrap beyond that basic premise.  The film, currently scheduled for 2018, just lost its director Josh Trank amidst rumors that his erratic behavior on the set of the new Fantastic Four film put off producer Simon Kinberg and Lucasfilm.  Whether Lucasfilm can find a new director and keep the film on track remains to be seen.  Regardless, when the Anthology films were first announced as “spin-offs,” many anticipated that Boba Fett might be one of the primary characters explored.  Last year, Jason wrote a great piece addressing some early rumors and why a film featuring Boba Fett is not without its challenges.

You might remember that earlier this year The Wrap reported that the first Anthology film was going to have Boba Fett and Gary Whitta was writing the script involving Fett and his family.  We know that according to J.W. Rinzler, Fett did indeed survive the Sarlaac Pit.  We also know that Boba Fett was going to be the main character in the canceled Star Wars 1313 video game.

I wonder how much of that 1313 storyline, and even the shelved live-action TV show, will be incorporated into this film.  Our own Pete Morrison rightly asked how much we need a Boba Fett origin story given what we saw in The Clone Wars.

However, I will say that I think what people really want to see is a kick-ass bounty hunter, at or near his prime, doing what he does to warrant that famous scene in Empire where Vader asks him not to disintegrate his target.  We want to see why Boba is truly the best, most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.  We want to see, on screen, everything that’s been flouting around in our heads since Kenner made that mail-away rocket firing Boba Fett toy that nobody knew anything about.  So yes, I think this film can not only be awesome, but is important for the overall narrative.  Let’s hope they find the director who can do it right.


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