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Star Wars: Anthology – Rogue One and some familiar faces and friends.

Below are potential spoilers for Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One! Read on if you don’t mind spoilers!

A friend of ours had a chance to glimpse a few pieces of Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One concept art. This source was really on with late-game Star Wars: The Force Awakens design details. For Rogue One we are still in a really early phase for information. The fun part about this story is even if it doesn’t end up on screen, just the very fact the information below was considered is neat. Gareth Edwards has recently said that his film takes place between Episode III and IV but closer to IV. Well, it sounds like it runs into the days (if not moments) before Star Wars: A New Hope.

Information on Rogue One is still pretty tightlipped but I was able to get some information about something really cool according to concept art:

  • Rogue One takes the tapes of the stolen Death Star plans to the Tantive IV.
  • The concept art shows Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.
  • It was really the actors (Smits and Fisher) from the old films depicted in various pieces.
  • R2-D2 and C-3PO will make an appearance at least.
  • Darth Vader appears to play into the film as a major menace for the Rebels.
  • Not sure how much of this art is in the movie, but the line “There’ll be no one to stop us this time,” is relevant to the climax in this film.
  • Most of the designs look more Return of the Jedi than Star Wars (A New Hope) to me.

At Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Gareth Edwards said the fact that there are no Jedi plays into the film in an important way. He most likely means that normal people can’t wait to be saved, they have to save themselves. A superhero Jedi isn’t going to drop out of the sky and change their lives at this juncture. But it could also mean that Darth Vader is showing up and without a Jedi to even attempt to stop him, the odds of this mission succeeding are very unlikely.

I absolutely love the idea that “There’ll be no one to stop us this time,” a fun throwaway line from A New Hope, now refers to the ending of Rogue One. 

We have a lot more Rogue One coverage on the horizon, including more about the hero and her plight. But for now it is really interesting to just know we might literally have a prequel to A New Hope in the works.


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