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Star Wars: LEGO: Hamleys Unveil UK’S Only LEGO X-Wing!

The world-famous toy store Hamleys has something pretty special to unveil this weekend at its UK store in London. The UK’s first and only sit-on LEGO X-Wing will be revealed to the world this weekend as part of the “Star Wars Day” celebrations. Children will be able to sit inside the cockpit of the iconic starfighter and have their photos taken against the background of the cosmos!

This epic sit-on X-Wing is made up of over 100,000 LEGO bricks and is 40x the size of the most recent Star Wars LEGO X-Wing set. The model took a team of four professional LEGO builders over one month to create, and Robert Phillips of Bright Bricks had this to say about the model:

“It was a tough but enjoyable build, we were worried whether we’d finish, but the force was strong with us and we are very pleased with the LEGO X-Wing.”

Hamleys Marketing & Events Manager, Francesca Francois also has something to say:

“This is a very exciting year for Star Wars fans and we are delighted to have such a fantastic LEGO model added to our collection. But more than that we are looking forward to giving our customers another thrilling experience when they visit our toy shop.”

A LEGO Star Wars spokesperson said:

“The force is definitely building in the Hamley’s London store this weekend with the UK’s largest LEGO X-Wing flying into town! Made from over 100,000 bricks and taking expert builders a month to make, we are really excited to see all the LEGO Star Wars fans faces as they get to pilot their very own LEGO X-Wing. May the 4th be with you young Jedi!”

A truly exciting time to be a LEGO Star Wars fan–I will most definitely be taking a trip to Hamleys to have my photo taken flying this beautiful piece of artwork! Check out these two exclusive photos of the LEGO X-Wing below and start planning your trips now!



Pretty awesome, right? You can find the LEGO X-Wing on the 5th floor of Hamleys, Regent Street.

Thank you to my friends over at Norton & Company. Head over to Twitter and follow them @nortonandco.

May the 4th be with you!


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