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Star Wars: Rogue One is going to be scientifically grounded for a “Star Wars” film.

As you can see below, Chris Weitz, the main writer of Star Wars: Rogue One, cares about the science in which the film and the galaxy it depicts is grounded:

We will be watching this closely to see if Tyson responds publicly. I assume this is a priority for director Gareth Edwards and everyone is following his lead on this in a concerted effort to some degree.

Furthering this point, AICN ran an article speculating about the planet in Rogue One. ILM legend and story creator of Rogue One, John Knoll, sent an email to AICN discussing the topic.

AICN wrote:

It is entirely possible some artists at ILM just came up with what we saw in the teaser for the “wow” factor, and didn’t put a lot of thought into it.  And of course STAR WARS has always been space fantasy.  But I hope the powers that be have thought it through.

John Knoll responded:

I assure you we did discuss the magnitude of the cheat at some length.  I’m from a family of scientists and engineers, so I assure you this kind of thing doesn’t happen by accident, at least not on work I’m supervising.  Some of us at ILM consider our unofficial slogan “We overthink it so you don’t have to”.

That’s pretty neat when we put both of these very public nods to science into play. It paints a unique picture. I don’t think anyone is assuming the universe will be handled differently–there will still be sounds in space and all that jazz. But they are attempting to make the galaxy believable and grounded in our “real world” physics by the sound of it. For the serious tone the film appears to be taking, that’s not a bad thing. The last thing you want is the educated audience (the smart nerds) being distracted trivial science that is unnecessary.

The first Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One opens in December of 2016.


Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.57.27 PM

Now we’ll never know what they said! 🙂


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