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The people want Joe Johnston for Star Wars Anthology #2!

Joe Johnston is a Star Wars treasure. Anyone throwing out love for Ralph McQuarrie as the second most important person in Star Wars history after George Lucas should probably consider Joe Johnston’s accomplishments and contributions to Star Wars because they aren’t far behind. The guy had his hand in everything from concept art to visual effects on the Original Trilogy. The guy also put the most important touches on Boba Fett and Slave I and even Captain Rex sports some head decals which I believe Johnston created.

I hate to say it, but I think if he was dead, we would see droves of support and reverence for Johnston’s contributions. But the man lives! Let him continue his contributions to Star Wars. A lot of fans (myself included) think it would be neat if he was able to make the Boba Fett movie he wanted to make a few years ago.
After all, if Boba had a co-creator, it would be Johnston. If the rumors are accurate and the second Anthology film is Boba Fett, with Trank gone it might make sense to give Johnston the opportunity. It was great to see Lawrence Kasdan return and it would be just as great to see Johnston back.

The admittedly long and awkward hashtag #JoeJohnstonForStarWars is starting to take off. I don’t think the powers that be will really listen to this, but you never know. There’s a good chance Lucasfilm already have a director lined up for Star Wars Anthology 2, in which case we mean no disrespect to the new person. But if they don’t have another director yet, maybe we can help them consider the great Joe Johnston and his wonderful legacy with Star Wars for the second spin-off film?

Here’s a little photographic evidence about how much Johnston rocks:


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