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Episode 84! MakingStarWars.net’s Now, This Is Podcasting!

It’s no girls allowed on this episode of Now, This Is Podcasting. Your hosts this week are Jason, Randy, Sal and Jeremy. Check out everything they cover in this episode below.

Send your Pod People questions to the all new Pod People email: MSWPodPeople@gmail.com!

  • Star Wars is coming to San Diego Comic Con, and MSW will be there.
  • The season premier of Star Wars Rebels season 2!
  • Star Wars Rebels season 1 blu-ray discussion.
  • Details on the packaging of The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper Black Series figure.
  • The parentage of Rey.
  • Alan Dean Foster on writing The Force Awakens novelization.
  • Planete Star Wars brings us more concept art from French Vanity Fair.
  • New casting info for The Force Awakens.
  • New TFA art from Russia.
  • Pod People questions!

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