Inside Star Wars Uprising: Characters, Locations and State of the Galaxy

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Yesterday a new mobile video game from Kabam was announced, Star Wars Uprising is set in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor. Between the promotional video released yesterday and the Uprising website we have our first look at the state of a slice of the galaxy after the Emperor’s death.

Senior executive at Kabam, Aaron Loeb spoke with the LA Times about the importance of the game in the new Star Wars Canon:

“This is a fairly uncovered time frame within canon, What happened right after the Emperor died? How did the news reach the people? What happened to the rebellion? This is a really fertile and interesting time period to be playing in.”

“You can rest assured that Lucasfilm is very aware of everything that is in this game. It is very much a part of the universe that is being built between the end of ‘Jedi’ and the new movies.”

The setting of the game is very interesting. Set in the Anoat Sector which is under the command of Imperial Governor Adelhard, the game will be centered on the conflict between the Imperial forces tightening their grip and factions that coalesce to resist those efforts.

AnoatSectorMapThe Anoat Sector includes two famous locations from the films, Bespin and Hoth. In addition to these two worlds another location is also discussed on the game’s website, the mining world of Burnin Konn. A minor interesting connection between the game and the films is that chromium which is mined on Burnin Konn is what gives the Naboo Royal craft their shiny appearance. This mineral is most likely a key component in Captain Phasma’s armor in The Force Awakens.

CLOUD CITY: A completely man-made, massive, floating, gas mining colony of a few million workers, tourists and support staff hovering over the gas planet of Bespin. The Imperial Garrison was abandoned shortly after news of the Emperor’s death.

HOTH: In the years after the Battle of Hoth, the ruins of Echo Base hulk in the distance behind huge metal sculptures that used to be AT-ATs. Scavengers set up temporary base camps to pull scrap from the metal giants.

BURNIN KONN: A mining colony for chromium and other rare ores, Burnin Konn isn’t somewhere anyone would choose to live. The surface is a mostly uninhabitable and entirely inhospitable wasteland.

Following the death of the Emperor, Governor Adelhard commenced a dissinformation campaign claiming that the Rebels were defeated at Endor and that the Emperor still lives. Adelhard’s statement to his subjects:

“Today the Empire is victorious! The Rebellion no longer a threat. The Rebels desperate attack on the Emperor’s Death Star has failed. Rumors of the Emperor’s death are treasonous fabrications. Those of you who listen to these lies and wish to test the Empire’s strength, you will answer to me.”

At the same time he attempts to seal off the Anoat sector by instituting the Iron Blockade.

In the days following the Battle of Endor and the fall of the Emperor, The Anoat sector has been locked down by the Empire. With the Rebel Alliance on the other side of the Iron Blockade, it falls to the sector’s smugglers, freedom fighters, bounty hunters and gangsters to join forces and form an uprising.

What we see in the trailer for the game is what appears to be a rebel operative visiting various groups of people with a holorecording of the destruction of the second Death Star. Presumably this is the only way the truth is getting out about what really happened. With the Empire still in control of the Holonet, news would need to find other means to reach citizens of the galaxy.

Some of the key groups of individuals operating in the Anoat sector are listed in the game as “Factions,” they include “The Nobles,” “The Rebel Alliance,” and “The Trade Spine League.” It is interesting to note that the game’s Rebel Alliance is separate from the film saga’s Rebel Alliance and that the Trade Spine League appears to take their name from the Corellian Trade Spine hyperspace route.

THE NOBLES: Nearly stomped out by the Empire, the descendents of the original Anoat leaders survive as a secret society dedicated to protecting the population and interested in a return to Pre-Republic governance and an independent sector.
THE REBEL ALLIANCE: Claiming allegiance to the Rebel Alliance but long out of contact with the larger group, the local Rebels are mainly comprised of former workers displaced by the Empire and a new generation grown up during the rebellion who believe in a return to the Republic.
THE TRADE SPINE LEAGUE: Half union, half privateer network, this group of smugglers and freelance mercenaries values personal freedom, independence and relaxed regulations above all else.

So far for the game five named characters have been announced, Governor Adelhard, Commander Bragh, Brask, Deathstick, and Riley.

Governor Adelhard doesn’t seem like a very nice guy, as IGN describes him, “he shuts down all travel and communications in and out of his system. Those who oppose the status quo or speak anti-Imperial “rumors” are killed.”

Subordinate to Adelhard is Commander Bragh, who is the commander of the Purge Troopers. His armor and size makes me wonder if the same genetic enhancements that were used on Bad Batch clone trooper Wrecker were also done to the Purge Troopers.

“A man who lives for his Empire knows no fear. Anyone else is not a man.”

The leader of the much-feared Purge Troopers. Bragh believes that those who rebel against the Empire are less than human and uses his position to indulge his love of causing pain.

No information is given about the Trandoshan Brask, but given his species role in canon, he is likely a villain.


A schemer operating on the fringes of Burnin Konn is Riley,

“Okay, pay attention: Imperials bad. Do not let them see you. That’s the plan.”

Orphaned on Burnin Konn’s mining colony, Riley and her younger sibling became a promising pair of thieves until Riley was thrown from a building. A cybernetic leg brace briefly put her back in action but she mainly uses her wits and planning skills now.

The very cool and deadly looking female assassin, Deathstick was also revealed,

“Do not fight for honor or money. Act because you can.”

Whispered of but rarely seen in public, Deathstick rose up from a street level criminal to become the most legendary assassin in the sector. Twitchy and prone to sadistic flights of fancy, few people seek out an audience with her.

The Star Wars galaxy is incredibly large and different sectors, systems and planets undoubtedly reacted differently following the Battle of Endor, but this game gives us are first real look at how part of this story is developing in canon. Stay tuned for more Uprising news as it breaks, until then check out the awesome trailer again.

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