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Star Wars: The Force Awakens…AND MORE Coming to San Diego Comic-Con!

Today Lucasfilm announced that Star Wars would have a major presence at the grand daddy of cons, San Diego Comic-Con (though for us Star Wars fans, we all know the con for our hearts was Celebration). Historically, Friday has been the unofficial “Star Wars Day” at SDCC. However, without a movie release to promote, the Star Wars presence at SDCC hasn’t been as substantial in recent years. This year, with not only Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming in December, but Rogue One coming in 2016, Star Wars will have a major presence, including a presentation on the biggest stage that SDCC has to offer: Hall H.

Our buddy Tony Kim (AKA Crazy4ComicCon) covers SDCC extensively, and has referred to Hall H as the “Mount Everest of panel rooms.” He’s not joking. Hall H seats 6,500, and always features the biggest, most important panels.  The Hall H line has its own Twitter feed. This year, Hall H will host Kathleen Kennedy, Lawrence Kasdan, and J.J. Abrams.

Friday, July 10, Star Wars Schedule

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hall H 

Lucasfilm president and producer Kathleen Kennedy, director J.J. Abrams, writer Lawrence Kasdan, and special guests provide a special look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

For those of us who were at Celebration, it’s reasonable to expect that the “special guests” will likely include the new and original actors of the saga, including Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac. One notable omission from Celebration was Adam Driver–will he be at SDCC? Will Harrison Ford?

Fans are abuzz as to what Lucasfilm will announce given that Disney’s exclusive con, the D23 Expo, is a mere month after SDCC. Will they release a new trailer? Will it just be clips from the movie with a full trailer saved until D23?  Regardless, you can expect that the line for Hall H will be ridiculous, and the panel will be amazing. Star Wars doesn’t make a big deal out of their appearance at SDCC (and doesn’t get Hall H) unless they’re ready to make a splash.

In addition to the main panel, SDCC will also feature a Hasbro panel at noon, a Disney Infinity 3.0 panel, and two publishing panels.  Be sure to check out the official announcement for further details and other Star Wars-related panels on Friday.


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