Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toy List With Details Revealed?

WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS BELOW!  If you don’t want to read possible character names from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please stop reading now.  

What follows is what seems to be a list of The Force Awakens toys that are releasing this fall with names of characters that have not yet been officially released.

The folks over at Jedi Temple Archives released a toy list of what seems to be various names of characters from The Force Awakens.  In addition to the names of characters that have not yet been officially released, the list contains some details on the types of toys that are being released.

The names are incredibly unique and fairly difficult to pronounce (at first glance I thought the article might have been in another language).  But what is particularly interesting to me is this:

B3954 SH Sia Setar Dava (part of an E7 BS 6″ Starfighter Deluxe assortment MSRP $169.99)

That’s right… a 6″ Black Series STARFIGHTER!!!  We knew this was coming from a previously leaked list, but now we have a related character name and a price (that price tag is HEFTY!).

Many have been clamoring for a 6″ vehicle and it looks like we’re getting one soon.  I’m sure this is a test by Hasbro to see how well it does in market.  I’ve speculated that the massive 29″ Hasbro Hero Series vehicles that were released last year were tests to see if shelf space at big box stores was viable and whether there was actually a market for huge toys.  I suspect the 6″ Black Series vehicle to be similar in size.  That thing will take up a ton of space and clearly comes with a matching price tag.  Maybe we’ll see a $1,000 6″ Death Star that’s the size of an SUV!

More interesting listings included:

B3834 SH Sia Sheesh Anjirs (part of a BS 6″ figure assortment MSRP $19.99)

B3925 SH Zoor Sham Bozorg (part of F/X lightsaber assortment MSRP $199.99)

Be sure to head on over to Jedi Temple Archives to see the complete list!


Jeremy chimed in and explained to me why I can’t read any of the names on the list.  That sneaky JJ!

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