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Christopher Miller and Phil Lord will be directing Star Wars: Anthology – Han Solo!?

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord will be directing Star Wars: Anthology – Han Solo!

Han Solo

Miller and his partner Phil Lord, the duo behind The Lego Movie and the hit 21 Jump Street movies, are tackling one of Star Wars anthology movies as their next directing project, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

The filmmaker team, who write, direct and produce, are stepping up to helm a movie that will focus on a young Han Solo, according to sources.

I have to say, that is an inspired choice and I’m all about it. It is fascinating to hear that this was not Trank’s movie he left, but that it was a Boba Fett film as rumored.

Around 2005 I had dinner with someone that worked on Revenge of the Sith. I made sure to ask about Han Solo’s cut role from that film. I was told that Han Solo’s parents were to be anthropologists studying Wookiee culture when the separatists invaded Kashyyyk. The parents were killed during the initial invasion, which put Han Solo with Chewbacca during that film. Basically, on screen he was to be a scout and that is all you would have seen from Solo in that role. I still often wonder if that backstory is at play anymore. But I imagine the twist will be exciting and fun to see unfold! I’m sure the film will be set between Episode III and IV.

I am so happy to know so many Star Wars films are coming our way!



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