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Concept: Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Supreme Leader Snoke!

I have seen a concept piece for “Uber” who is Supreme Leader Snoke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I can’t say for certain this is what he will look like in the film but there’s a lot of commonalities with what we have been told he looks like (although some are unique as well). This may not be the final design of Snoke; I can’t say for certain when design work on Snoke stopped.

Snoke wears a black kimono with an outer robe and an off-white robe underneath it. The robe is very Japanese in style. You can see the white or light tan-colored under robe sticking out of the sleeves. His waist “dress” is made of wrappings like a mummy but they aren’t tight around legs but rather flow out like a skirt and reach completely to the floor. The collar or the garment is quite high and reaches from the collarbone all the way up to the chin area.

Snoke is not human. His head is shaped like a snake, a cobra but perhaps slightly flatter and wider. His eyes are pitch black and reptilian. His mouth is closed but sort of bulbous. You cannot see teeth. He has an angry sneer about him.

This design is against a light background, making it impossible to say if he’s five feet tall or eight feet tall, unfortunately.

As I said, I don’t know if this is what Supreme Leader Snoke will look like in The Force Awakens. I think the value in this piece is that he is reptilian, he has a “mystic’s” robes on and he looks very evil and pissed off. In my personal opinion, this concept is probably a little under-baked. I can see Snoke having been up-designed a lot. I think the value of this piece and this description might be in the basics such as he wears a robe and is reptilian. I find it hard to imagine the First Order being commanded by anyone but a human, but if he was a standard human, Andy Serkis wouldn’t have needed to do motion capture work on him. However, SWU (a very trusted site) once said described him as looking like an old man. I hope we get a good look at him at SDCC this weekend!


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