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Episode 88!’s Now, This is Podcasting!’s Now, This is Podcasting! Episode 88!

(Note: ignore us calling it episode 87! We do what we want!)


The gang discusses:

  • The business!
  • Minor Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One report!
  • Star Wars Hasbro figures coming for Force Friday!
  • D23 news!
  • Action figure pricing!
  • LEGO listings for Force Friday!
  • Star Wars: Episode VIII and rumors of Del Toro being considered for a main role!
  • Skellig Michael is back?
  • Gaming! Battlefront and Uprising!
  • Marvel’s Star Wars Kanan #4!
  • Non-spoiler Pod People!
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers about the final act of the film!
  • Spoiler Pod People!


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