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Filming on Star Wars: Anthology – Rogue One has begun!


While filming has begun on Rogue One, principal photography officially begins August 3rd, 2015. The majority of filming has been 2nd unit so far and a few shots that needed to be done within a specific time frame due to set issues.

Filming has reportedly begun on Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One! 

Minor Spoilers Below:

We have spoken to our friends and heard a few details. Felicity Jones has filmed her first scene already.

It shouldn’t be a huge reveal that loads of trees are being brought into the studio again. It shouldn’t really be a surprise that there’s a landing in the jungle being filmed either. It isn’t the most exciting news of all time on that front. Not all of the sequences of the landing are going to be filmed at Pinewood.

The ships we told you about that are being repurposed have already seen some second unit shooting, including the Star Destroyers and the landers. There’s some stuff that looks like the Death Star as well, but it may just be more interiors of the Star Destroyers. The source couldn’t be 100% on the difference unfortunately. We had this same problem with The Force Awakens but it ended up just being Star Destroyer sets.

I also thought this might be interesting to some:

Rumour has it that Disney wants Pinewood to rival the WB Harry Potter tour.

So maybe down the road Pinewood will be somewhat of a vacation spot?

We should have more details soon and lots more cast to confirm hopefully.

EDIT: A reader brought it to my attention that Star Wars Aficionado has also heard filming is underway and they got some cool details too!



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