Hasbro Star Wars Panel from San Diego Comic Con 2015!

Hasbro just held its Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic Con, and Pete Morrison of Rebels Report and Making Star Wars was there covering it!

So, to recap, we got a look at the painted version of 6″ Black Series Ahsoka, as well as Kanan, Jango Fett, and Tatooine Luke in that line, new ForceFX lightsabers for Darth Vader and Yoda with new electronics, a look at the 3.75″ new Inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels, Revan won the Hasbro Fan’s Choice Poll but we’re also getting a 6″ Sabine Wren, there was some talk about packaging, and a $169.99 26″ First Order TIE Fighter with 6″ First Order Elite TIE Pilot is coming this fall.

That’s a lot of cool stuff, but it’s a little surprising that with less than two months until the launch of Hasbro’s The Force Awakens line with Midnight Madness, we still don’t know what is coming up. It’d be nice if they told us sooner than later so that fans can budget and prepare instead of walking into a store with no game plan at all.

For official images, be sure to check out the Official Star Wars Web site’s live blog of the panel.


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