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Is Jessica Henwick playing Jessika Pava in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

At SDCC, two fans asked director J.J. Abrams if Star Wars: The Force Awakens would feature any Asian cast members. J.J. responded that he was dedicated to diversity so the answer was there would be Asian actors in the next Star Wars film. That morning I had run some backstory on a pilot named Jessika Pava (who coincidentally is described as Asian). It inspired me to start digging deeper and making the rounds to get some confirmations. If those two fans (Ryan and Corinne) read this site by some chance, this one is for you two!

Since then I have seen more depictions of Jessika Pava and I am fairly certain she is played by an Asian actor. I’m still waiting on confirmations from sources but I think I have a smoking gun that connects the Game of Thrones actor to the new Star Wars character.

Jessica Henwick

In some of the artwork depicting the actor who plays Jessika Pava, she doesn’t look entirely Asian. In other pieces she does. This is not concept art, this is for something else. However, the interesting bit is that the beauty mark  just below Henwick’s nose is depicted on the character of Jessica Pava, making it very likely–if not almost certain–that Henwick is playing Pava.


What are the odds of a young Asian woman being cast in Star Wars and sharing the same beauty mark? Probably not too good. I am fairly confident Jessica Henwick is Jessika Pava.


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