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No Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer at SDCC but here are seven things we might see to be excited about.

EW confirmed there won’t be a trailer at Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ panel at San Diego Comic Con this Friday.

That’s a bummer. You can count us down, but not out. For starters, those Force for Change videos were as impactful as the teasers in small doses. But in a large dose, those videos could be even better, at least for those in attendance at SDCC. Once they talk about some things, it means they can be talked about “officially” so while this isn’t a teaser, it might break down the dam a little bit on some of the uptight side of things around certain characters.

I get that Lucasfilm doesn’t comment on rumors and things of that nature. I do wish they would be forthcoming and just say there is no trailer coming at SDCC. They will still pack the house. Now everyone is upset and let down. But lets look at some possibilities for the panel in no order of importance:

1. Harrison Ford: This dude never shows up to anything he “might” show up at. But at some point Ford is going to take part in the promotion for this movie. There’s a chance we could see Ford show up and discuss playing the part.

2. The General (Domhnall Gleeson’s character): They haven’t said anything about Gleeson’s character in the film officially. They announced he was in the film and that’s it. They could introduce us to him finally.

3. Maz Kanata: We still don’t know what she looks like. We have the gist and the general idea, but they haven’t revealed her yet. I’m hoping she was held off the Vanity Fair images to allow a first look at SDCC. If they don’t, she’s going to end up revealed on a child’s potty or something ridiculous because Star Wars generates so many products with its characters on them.

4. Snoke: What’s this guy’s deal? Why’s he such a jerk? What does he look like? We have heard rumors but we really don’t know officially or concretely anything about this character.

5. John Williams: This dude has been rocking out at Sony Studios over the summer so far. There’s new Star Wars music. It exists.

6. Lawrence Kasdan: I still have a hard time imagining the writer for the film is going to be there and they’re not going to discuss the story at all. I’m not suggesting huge bombs will be dropped, but at this point, officially, a few small shots of truth would mean a lot.

7. Abrams and Kennedy: Abrams and Kennedy both being there probably means we’re going to see something special.

Behind the scenes footage: This stuff can be as powerful as seeing a teaser. I know seeing the new X-wing, the Falcon, and even that puppet (Bob the Turkle as nicknamed by fans) were all huge moments for me that were right up there with the teasers.



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