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On Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ General Organa and Poe!


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Hello from SDCC!

I will leave a lot of the speculation up to you guys on this one. Below are the facts surrounding Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

General (Leia) Organa and Major Ematt go way back to before The Battle of Endor. While Han Solo was in carbonite, Leia and Ematt went on a mission together to a special moon and became friends and allies. After all these years, the two are still serving together in the “aftermath” of the Empire. Together, the two continue the fight against the First Order’s tyranny along with their old friends Admiral Ackbar and Nien Nunb.

After years facing off against the Empire, General Organa learned to treat commitments to causes and allies in balance with one another. General Organa sees this same lesson being grappled with by Poe Dameron. However, Poe is in a liminal stage of his life where he understands General Organa’s words but rarely heeds them. Leia believes in Poe and understands–as does Major Ematt–that Poe is their best pilot and only hope. Poe is someone the General can rely on and believes in against the First Order.

Leia has a droid named Peazy (PZ-4CO). When the droid and Ematt learn about happenings on Jakku, Leia can feel, through the Force, that events which are going to change the galaxy forever are at play.

General Leia Organa feels a special attachment to Poe as she mentors him. Their relationship appears to be very deep and special. Which is why when Jakku needs special attention, she sends Poe Dameron to handle the mission.






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