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Photo! Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Bullhead alien Resistance pilot.

Beware huge spoilers below! Do not continue if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Moments ago our friends at Star Wars 7 News posted this amazing photo of the Bullhead alien depicted in concept art released this week (both from TheForce.net and us), as a Rebel/Resistance pilot.



IMG_1127 IMG_1090

As we indicated in our last article about this alien, none of the concept art pieces that we’ve seen have included the checkmark that usually designates the design as being approved, and therefore we thought this particular pilot had not made it in to the film. (I’m glad to say that guess was wrong.) Perhaps a later revision of the design is what we will see on screen. If we had to take another guess, I’d guess this guy will be featured in the scene where Finn briefs the Resistance on how to attack the Starkiller base. The question is, does the Bullhead pilot service the array?



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