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Read an Excerpt from “Star Wars: Aftermath” by Chuck Wendig

Entertainment Weekly has an article about the forthcoming novel Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig, the first in the new canon set after Return of the Jedi, giving us our first look at the shape of the galaxy as we head towards The Force Awakens. Included with the article is a prologue and an excerpt from the first chapter of the book.


“Today is a day of celebration. We have triumphed over villainy and oppression and have given our Alliance—and the galaxy beyond it—a chance to breathe and cheer for the progress in reclaiming our freedom from an Empire that robbed us of it. We have reports from Commander Skywalker that Emperor Palpatine is dead, and his enforcer, Darth Vader, with him.

“But though we may celebrate, we should not consider this our time to rest. We struck a major blow against the Empire, and now will be the time to seize on the opening we have created. The Empire’s weapon may be destroyed, but the Empire itself lives on. Its oppressive hand closes around the throats of good, free-thinking people across the galaxy, from the Coruscant Core to the farthest systems in the Outer Rim. We must remember that our fight continues. Our rebellion is over. But the war … the war is just beginning.” —Admiral Ackbar

There’s a lot more on the site, as we get a glimpse at what happened on Coruscant immediately after the victory celebration seen in Return of the Jedi, as well as an idea of the mission Wedge Antilles finds himself involved in. Plus, there’s a (welcome) surprise appearance of a character from John Jackson Miller’s A New Dawn. Visit the site to read the whole preview.


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