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Star Wars and Indy are about to have a bigger role at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

As a Southern California resident with a Disneyland annual pass, I perk up every time something Star Wars –related is announced for the theme parks. Today’s news doesn’t pertain to Disneyland, so it leaves me with a tinge of jealousy and the desire to go to Florida. Hopefully Anaheim’s Disneyland is going to still receive a serious Star Wars presence just as soon.


According to Billy Donnelly, Disney has allocated three billion dollars to overhaul Disney Hollywood Studios which will mainly feature Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Pixar properties. This announcement is going to drop at D23 in August. If you recall two years ago at the last D23, we learned of Orange Harvest (the project to bring Star Wars to the theme parks). Iger has since made some comments that made it appear those ideas were somewhat shelved in favor of waiting for their current Star Wars film endeavors to also have a park presence.

Two new STAR WARS attractions tapped to be in the works, including a Dagobah centerpiece…

So apparently Yoda will be evicting this crap and setting up his slimy mud-hole here:




 Details on what those attractions will be have managed to escape me for now, but, with STAR TOURS and the Jedi Training Academy, which I hear will be relocating indoors to an existing building, already in place, you’re looking at four STAR WARS attractions on the ground inside the park, not to mention the possibilities for dining and shopping experiences that would mimic what you’d encounter in that galaxy far, far away.

He then goes onto say that the Indiana Jones ride from Anaheim will be coming to the park in Florida as well, which is cool.

I’ve been told all of this will be revealed at D23 in greater detail and with many more specifics, but at least for now you have the blueprint for what The Mouse has planned for the next few years in Orlando.

The information sounds really positive and really fun. will be at D23 covering the developments in detail. Hopefully we’ll get some information on Anaheim’s Disneyland there as well, as I am selfish and that pertains to me. That said, it sounds like a trip to Florida in the next three years is a must. Hopefully it lines up with the next Star Wars Celebration they do in Florida so we can hit two birds with one stone.

Head over and read the full report for all the details outside the Lucasfilm properties.


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