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Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One Very Minor Set Report.


Here is some Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One minutiae:

There are Mositure Vaporators turning up. No sign of sand…yet.

The source said more but we have to hold back for now. Things are really kicking up for the new film by all accounts.

At this early stage, it makes the imagination race to hear something from Tatooine being involved in the new film (they did design moisture vaporators for The Force Awakens). Everything has pointed to Tatooine having nothing to do with this story. For a moment I pondered if Obi-Wan Kenobi could have a moment on screen, but that seems unlikely considering the point of the film is that there are no Jedi to save the galaxy anymore. Still, there are bounty hunters involved, so maybe they start out on different worlds? Or maybe they just have moisture vaporators on one of these new planets?

Cameras are still expected to begin rolling around August 3rd and lots of The Force Awakens crew are back to work on Rogue One. Hopefully we get some confirmation of work on the new film at D23 Expo 2015.


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